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03 February 2005 - 00:46


So Svl's drawin' a new comic. If he ever gets around to finishing this one, we might post it up. Grizzler and Svl wanna submit some of their shit to some school magazine called the Gallery. I don' think they'll take my shit tho', would they?
POLLA: God, I hope not!
*Ninja glowers*
YANG: Hey, why are we updating again instead of sleeping? We've got school tomorrow.
GRIZZLY: I'm not sleepy.
SVL: Me neither. We should go draw. Then I might be able to finish the comic, Ninja.
*Ninja's pissed now, so he just grumbles in reply.*
YANG: We should write that thing that happened today with the eggs.
GRIZZLY: Technically, that was yesterday. We're in tomorrow already. Well, yesterday's tomorrow, which is today...
JACK: Jack is confused.
NINJA: I wanna go ta sleep now.
POLLA: Stop being such a pisser!
NINJA: Fuck you.
POLLA: Why thank you, but I'd rather use a vibrator.
*Yang and Grizzly smirk. Ninja storms off into the Closet and slams the door.*
YANG (to Polla): You sure like to piss him off, don't you?
POLLA: So? He pisses me off plenty too.
BB: Still, you shouldn't take advantage that he's feeling sick, Polla.
SVL: Yeah. Next thing you know, he's gonna sic Piojo on you.
NINJA (from inside the Closet): I don' need him ta defend me, yo.
YANG (under his breath): Sure.
*Ninja, furious, banges out of the Closet, smashing the door open. His eyes are wild and angry. I can tell he's frightened, he just won't say.*
NINJA: Look, dawg--
BB: Ninja, you look awful!
NINJA: Yeah, well, fuck you too! *sways on the spot*
MOCO: G�ey-- are you okay? �Que tienes, are you drunk again or what?
*Ninja is grabbing on to the doorway, glaring out at everybody. He's a bit pale, and he's trying not to shake so much.*
NINJA: And will you fuckin' STOP NARRATIN' THIS SHIT?!
GRIZZLY: Sorry. But dude, you should really go lie down. Leave the updating to us tonight.
NINJA: No. I need to sleep. An' I can't sleep unless you pussy-ass motherfuckers get off the damn computer. Come on, dawg, I real' don' feel good.
YANG: I can tell. *He gets up and goes over to Ninja.* Come on, I'll go in there with you. Where's Piojo anyway?
NINJA: Well how the fuck should I know? I ain't his mom!
MOCO: No one is. Ese cabron no tiene madre.
And so most of us go into the Closet with Ninja because we really do need to sleep. I stay behind because I need to finish the entry, I guess. We've been feeling light-headed lately, and I think it might have to do with the multiplicity, 'cause that's just one of the symptoms. Or it could be that our genes have finally caught up with us and this is the beginning of diabetes. Either way, I'm not afraid of being sick, though I am afraid of death sometimes. I think that's what's got Ninja so shook up now, fear of dying. He's just too vivacious to die yet. He needs to grow old and slow down, and that scares him too. My vision is starting to swim out of focus again, I feel dizzy. Another symptom, by the way. We've been feeling like this all day. So we've slept all day trying to make it go away. *sigh* I'm gonna go help the others try some more.

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