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20 August 2004 - 22:41

proteina con patas!

After work, we came to eat with 'Ama, as usual. She had brought bistec ranchero y arroz con garbanzos for dinner. ("Yum!" says Jack.) We found gorgojos in the rice, and we pointed it out to mom. She got a bit affronted, saying it was pepper. Right. I know a gorgojo when I see one, OK? We insisted, she insisted, and in the end, Moco got pissed at Ninja for making 'Ama feel bad about her cooking. She had been real proud of her arroz con garbanzos, too. And speaking of garbanzos, they were still a bit raw. We told her this too, but again, she got affronted. Said I was being picky and it was just the tough stkin that make them seem a bit tough to the palette. Again, we know our food, a'ight? And the garbanzos were raw. Again, Moco got ticked at Ninja, being el buen hijo que es, and he made us apologize and say that she was right, and we had to eat the bugs and raw vegtables in our rice. Jack didn't mind at all, nor did BB. She says insects carry a high level of protein, and Jack likes vitamins in any form he can get ahold of them in... even if they come in the form of tiny black invertabrae. All in all, it wasn't a bad meal. We all like la comida de 'Ama, y el bistec ranchero si que estuvo a toda madre. ("A todas piochas," says the little one, and Moco laughs and agrees.)

At least we're not hungry no more. And we get to shit bugs later on. Mmm, protein.

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