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21 June 2006 - 02:03



It be late, an' my 'ead hurts. God, I hate switchin'.

T'day, work weren't so bad. Neither was yest'rday. I was actually relaxin' there an' shit. Pocahontas an' Whatsisface ain't been gettin' on my nerves much as they used to. Partly 'cause they back off now, but mostly 'cause I ignore 'em. I think, actually, that shit's startin' to get harder... but on Mar�a. I hate it that she's gotta work in this shitty envoirnment. At least I'm used to it.

BB: Oftentimes I wonder if things will ever go back to normal, to the way things used to be.

NINJA: They won't. Ya know they won't, B. Even if Aaron gets fired, or Denise goes away, shit ain't gon' change. It's the same shit goin' on day after day after day after day. Even if she were gone, they'd still see each other. He'd still talk about her, and to her an' shit.

BB: It just makes me so sad, Ninja. I used to like him, you used to like him...

YANG: I never did. I'm the only one who listened when Piojo warned us.

GRIZZLY: Being a bitter asshole is nothing to brag about.

YANG: I wasn't bragging. It's just the truth. I never liked Aaron, his ass got on my nerves. And now that we know he's a dick, you finally see my emotions as being justified.

POLLA: I don't.

YANG: What?! After all he did? Don't tell me you're still hung on that guy...?!

POLLA: Of course not, silly. But your previous distrust wasn't justified. Because when we liked Aaron, he was a good guy, a good kid. We liked him for a reason. Or don't you trust my judgement?

YANG: Of course I do, babe, but...

NINJA: Look, it don't matter. Not no more. What matters is that we don't like the guy no more, that shit ain't like it used to be, an' it never will. There will never be, an' probably never was, any chance of us ever havin' any type a relationship wit' Aaron other than that of coworkers. We ain't never gon' be buddies, ever.

GRIZZLY: Exactly. Now let's just give this shit a rest and go to sleep, eh?

NINJA: Sounds good ta me, bro'. Just have the other frontrunner back dat up an' we be good.

SVL: Shut up, I don't have to back up anything. But, yeah, what the hell. I'm tired. Let's go to bed.

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