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06 April 2005 - 22:48

blegh, the sequel

Ah, that feels much better... Well, we brushed out our mouth with toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide and arm & hammer baking soda. Then we scrubbed our hands with some raspberry-smelling foam soap (BB chose it so Gis would like it) and made sure to scrub roughly and thoroughly underneath Ninja's long guitar nails. We made sure to get plenty of lather, we felt like surgeons. But at least we don't smell anymore. However, we still feel pretty damn filthy.

POLLA: Sorry, you guys.

"Naw, ya ain't!" gripes Da Ninja, and I think he's right. They're never really sorry. "Les dije que se iban a sentir como la pura chingada," Piojo states coldly with a slightly raised eyebrow. We know. But these two wouldn't have let us sleep if we hadn't let them. Why prolong our suffering? "Well, now Piojo won't let us sleep all night!" BB muses, glancing over at our protector as he proceeds to sharpen his damn hunting knife. "Of course not," he replies calmly. "Someone has to be the motherfuckin' conscience." "Yeah, I'm not very good at that," Moco comments with his heavy mexican accent. He thinks we should eat something to really wash out the aftertaste. "You guys are overreacting," Yang calls over, languidly leaning into the old tattered mattress. "Yes, overreacting," Piojo snapps. "Remind me of that again as we descend into Hell." "In a handbasket!" Ninja roars in agreement, still wiping his lips with the back of his hand unconsciously. *sigh* The Prophet isn't back yet. "No va a regresar en toda la noche," Piojo mutters venemously. Yeah, we get it. So don't wait up. "Exactamente." I dunno. Jack suggests we watch cartoons to get our minds off 'The Bad Thing.' Poor guy still doesn't know how bad the bad thing is. Actually, come to think of it, I envy the fucker. Ninja scratches his crotch and adjusts his balls in his boxers. Almost immediately after he unconsciously brings his hand to his nose and makes a face. Great. Now we have to go wash our hands again...

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