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12 June 2005 - 00:40

we hate it when this shit happens

NINJA: Crap! All that entry gone ta' waste, dawg!

SVL: Yeah! Stupid DSL... *grumbles to self*

BB: Oh, let it go already. It was probably for the best.

YANG: Yeah. What did we even have to say in that entry? All we talked about was Jack's nonexistant shoulders, taking a shower and Dud's hair.

JACK: And Mausan! Don't forget Mausan!

YANG: That's right, Mausan.

GRIZZLY: So people didn't really miss out on much. Just the same ol' bullshit we talk to ourself about everyday.

MOCO: And it's not como si algien reads this shit.

*Ninja groans*

NINJA: But it was time I spent on this shit! An' now it's gone!

PIOJO: Quit being such a pussy.

YANG: And let's go take that shower, shall we?

GRIZZLY: Yeah, c'mon guys. I'll tell you all a story while we're at it.

GIS & JACK: Yeay!!!

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