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15 June 2021 - 12:57

the geek rambling continues...!

So yeah, I'm back to vent and bitch. About the fanfic. Because new chapter, more brain-freeze, I guess. Maybe I'm running out of juice. Maybe Sal's right, and I need to get away from writing, let him draw a bit or something. Or let Ninja work on the car, or simply work-out. Well, no, not that, because my body can't take it right now. We've been really beat up from work, and we've been feeling a bit under the weather. We need to take it easy for about a week, then we'll be good to go to the gym. Or so I say.

But anyway, back to my writer's woes:
I somehow made it past that fight and finished the chapter. Now Maul's nice and captured (for real this time), and 'Soka has made it back to Chandrila. Time to hand him over! She does, but now... this is where I hit a wall again. My issue is Mon Mothma. Namely, her interaction to come with Ahsoka. I know from Disney canon that Chancellor Mothma decides to demilitarize the galaxy for fear of another Palpatine rising to power. She's written as a complete pacifist. She has the charisma and sway to hold the galaxy together, but as soon as she retires, the following chancellors are pretty inept, and the First Order sweeps in and decimates everything. I... have no idea how to write her. She is quiet, stern, serious, from the tidbits I remember from the original trilogy and the Clone Wars. Just now, as I was typing this, I remember that when I was having problems coming up with a personality for Dor Wieedo, and his interactions with Ahsoka, that I decided to base him off of a real-world politician. The one I settled on, who I thought couldn't serve as a better template: slimy, corrupt, sneaky, weasel... was Ted Cruz. Maybe I should do the same with Mon Mothma. She's definitely more to the left, less hawkish than Dor Wieedo. I'm thinking Elizabeth Warren. Because those same feelings of frustration I got from Beth during the primary election I can see Ahsoka experiencing with Mon Mothma. As in, "What are you doing?!" How can someone so experienced and educated, who understands the problems going on, who knows what it feels like to fight the injustices and wrongs in the galaxy, have their instincts be so wrong when it comes to managing said problems? I can see Ahsoka quickly growing exasperated and irritated with the Chancellor. Kinda the way Leia does, I'm sure.

Mon Mothma, for her part, is fond of Ahsoka. One, she's a Togruta, which Mon's last adviser was. Then there's the connection to Amidala and Organa, as both Mon and Ahsoka were close to them before their deaths. But Mon has a galaxy to run. It's hard being Chancellor, and she knows the risks involved of another dictator rising to power. She's especially wary of already-established dictators like Navik the Red. This is why, when Maul resurfaces, she is very nervous. Not only is there history between them two, she is also concerned about what he could become. Another Palpatine? Well, he was his first apprentice, and was groomed for such a role from a very young age. Does he still hold those ambitions? Is he still a Sith? She thinks he is. (After the shit he pulled on her, the bastard...!) But she is cautious and doesn't want to go down a violent path. If word gets out the New Republic executed Darth Maul, well, some will use that against her politically. But if he gets loose... worse yet, if someone finds out he was saved because of her direct actions. Whooo, boy!

Anyhow, I gotta get going to work. This helped, but I'm nowhere near resolving this dialogue problem. Maybe it'll come to me while I bust my ass at the warehouse. *shrugs* It's happened.

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