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01 July 2005 - 06:06


*Polla wails*
POLLA: Aaauuugghhhhhhh!!!!! I hate this! *her voice trembles*
YANG: Ya, ya, it's okay...
POLLA: NO, it's NOT okay, Yang! Did you see how high up our score was?! And now it's gone! Just like that! Augh, I wanna cry!
NINJA: Over a stupid game? Shit, get over it, dawg!
POLLA: You shut up!
NINJA: Fine. Yer jus' PMS'in' anyway.
POLLA: No, I'm not! *her voice shakes some more*
BB: It does suck! Stupid computer. You know we'll never get our score that high up again!
POLLA: Exactly! And we spent more than an hour getting it that high too! Level 19! We were on LEVEL 19!!! Out of the 20 levels! We had almost beat the game! We would've gotten a gold trophy and everything!
PIOJO: Get over it. If you could do it once, you can do it again.
POLLA: But not 'til next month! I'm too tired now! And I'm cranky! And Dud said we piss her off! *her lip trembles now, and Yang puts an arm around her*
JACK: Jack is hungry. And Jack wants to sleep!
NINJA: Don't we all...
POLLA: No! We have to go back and finish the game again!
BB: Right!
GRIZZLY: Wrong. It's 6AM, we haven't slept all fuckin' night, and Ninja's right, you girls are PMS'ing or something tonight, 'cause you won't let us sleep, and you make little scenes over stupid shit like a neopets game. Get over it already! You know we're still probably gonna get the bronze trophy.
BB: But the high score we were working on, Grizz! What about that?!
SVL: It's a game, you two, it's supposed to be for fun, not for scores. Take it as a fun experience.
POLLA: Fun? Fun?! How the fuck is losing our high score to some computer glitch supposed to be fun?! We lost EVERYTHING we were working for! *bawls*
YANG (mutters): Oh, great... *gets up, exasperated, and the guys walk out of the Closet*
*BB and Polla stay behind, on the bed, bawling in frustration because sometimes, life is just not fair. And neither are games*

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