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06 December 2019 - 15:58

daily gathering

We're back at work, with no work to do. Today, when we got here, Cindy told us that there was a large stack of paperwork to process in the back, so we happily left our crap at our workstation and made our way to the old FDC area, roarin' to go. Well, Sugey was already there with Sandra and Mariana, and she made it clear that she didn't need our help, and to go back upstairs to prepare our auditing materials for the dry ice. It really got under Ninja's skin, and mine, too, by default, because we're both obsessive assholes. But we complied, and went back to our other coworkers to collectively bitch. Thanks to Sal, we pretty much already got over it, but now we're getting hungry, and didn't bring any food for break. We'll have to make do with whatever snacks and crackers we have in our bag. We already went through the organic gummy bears and a pack of cinnamon graham crackers. Now comes the really dull hour until we start getting a flow of work. The only reason we didn't start typing in this thing sooner, is because we entertained ourself upgrading our Thigh Protector 3000TM. I think the purple metallic duct tape looks pretty good, even though we ran out three quarters of the way done. Jack likes the color, and decided to imitate the color as best he can on his skin. He's dancing right now, over to my right somewhere, to 90's K-pop.

I guess we can continue what we were discussing yesterday, since we don't really have anything to do right now, but I'm a bit iffy on it, since Mariana is up here. Alex is, too, but I know she doesn't give a crap about what I'm doing on the computer. She's too busy on her phone. God, I'm so sleepy. We're gonna sit down for a bit.

Josie's here; Mariana's gone. Good riddance, I say. Yeah, we're still kinda peeved about the whole imaging thing earlier. Not that it's her fault, per se, but she kinda still rubs me the wrong way. Ninja kinda likes her. Our feelings are mixed. Sugey can kiss my ass, tho'. *sigh* Again, mixed feelings.

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