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15 June 2010 - 22:16

devils inside


I'm in a damn foul mood. Well, a'ight, not that foul. But that fat bitch still grates on my nerves.

An' is more'n that. It's the damn AM shift leavin' crap fer me ta clean up n' then bein' all pissy that I don't finish. It's that damn old asshole that jus' got arrested an' now claimin' multiplicity to save his wrinkled old hide. I've been uneasy ever since I read that article on Yahoo.

I's mean, the ol' fart never comes out n' says "I'm multiple, I's couldn' help it!" What he says be (an' I be quotin' from an article here, so it ain't bullshit I be makin' up):
"That kid, Frank Valentine, he just exploded... I didn't shoot that man in the back. That wild kid did. That's not me... Victor Houston (his new alias) tried to make up for it by being an honor citizen."
Yeah righ', bitch. He say he don' remember the crime though, 'cause it weren' him, it was this alter-ego mo'fucker. So what's he tryin' to make up for, if he couldn' remember? He even said he couldn't remember the name of the guy he killed! Yeah, 'cause it weren't him. And yet, he also said that on his birthday, his brother used to send him two cards: one fer "Victor Houston" an' one fer "Frank Valentine." If yer gettin' reminders every year on yer birthday, how's can you ferget? It's bullshit, I'm tellin' ya. Fuckin' old fag.

See, it be shit like this that makes us cringe. We be multiple, but we ain't like that. Piojo won' let us be. An' if we ever did commit some sorta crime, like say, kill whatserfatface, we wouldn' hide behind our mental state to shield ourself. I'd say: "Yeah, we's be several people in here. An' guess what? We all wanted that bitch dead!" 'Cause if we can't stop ourself from doin' some sorta dumb bullshit fer the sake of our kids, then we deserve t'be jailed. I mean, jus' look at Rule. He stopped carin' 'bout his inner family years before our ol' man's body started fallin' 'part. 'Course Miguelito didn' deserve that. But it was diff'r'nt, 'cause 'Apa didn' know what he be. This ol' fucker ain't anythin' except a lyin' murderer. *sigh*

It scares our kids.

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