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26 June 2015 - 01:17


We'll make this quick. We're interning at a pastry shop, an' we's fergot t'document the shit we did t'day. Yesterday? Yeah, we's be in t'morrow already.

So, we:
*filled PB&J cupcakes
*labeled and stocked the cupcake shelves
*threw out the trash
*helped Iris scoop Kitchen Sink cookies
*rolled out sugar cookies and cut out 25 crowns
*restocked cupcake & macaroon shelves
*washed dishes (of fuckin' course)
*decorated cookies for the shelf by using the flooding technique with royal icing

I'm fuckin' tired now, and I's gotta take a whiz. I's keep tellin' ourself we'll go in at 7AM, but I ain't gon' start until Monday, 'cause I's be tired as all fuck.

Oh, Art should be a single father all over again by now. Kid was born Tuesday, I believe. Good fuckin' riddance on that shit too; I's hope he's happy (or sad, or whatever he wants t'be).

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