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16 April 2008 - 13:31


As a whole, we are Sloth.

Ninja is Wrath. (Hells yeah, dawg.)
(Oh, Grizz! Da-yum!) Erm, yeah. Grizzly's Envy, we just found out.
Svl is Sloth. Hrm. Kinda thought he'd be Pride, vain bastard. Hey!
Surprise, surprise! (Heavy sarcasm there.) Polla's Vanity.
BB's Gluttony! (Sheesh, do we have all seven deadly sins spread out among us? I'd figure we'd get repeated ones a whole bunch, but we've already knocked out five out of seven! What's next?!)
Hah! I'm Wrath! Like Ninja! Erm, I mean: Yang is Wrath! Like Ninja!
Moco's Sloth. But maybe that's just because he's still depressed. He kinda rushed through the quiz, and answered all half-assed.
Aaaand Piojo's Wrath as well. But surprise there, huh? Wow, we're full of angry people.
Jack's Gluttony. YAY FOR THE JACK!!!!!!
Yowlie's jumpy. But he's still Sloth.

Well, that's about it. Proph & Gis can't take the quiz, 'cause... well, for obvious reasons. I mean, even MB & Jack's answers were kinda off. And, well, at least we didn't any of us get Lust or Greed. All in good fun, good fun.

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