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16 January 2005 - 19:12

JuMbLeD tHoUgHtS

I don't know what to think anymore. We're so bummed. My brain tingles...

NINJA: Shit. I don't know 'bout this, dawg...

POLLA: Hey! Don't bring us down! We got an order today!

SVL: Yeah, from our mother. How lame is that?

POLLA: She said she didn't do it for us.

YANG: And you believe her?

POLLA: Ugh! Why are you guys doing this? Why can't you all be positive for once about something that we decide to do? I mean, who gets you guys? Weren't you all the ones that wanted to leave Ticketmaster for this shit anyhow? Now what? You'll back out of this too? We can't jump from job to job like this, you know!

GRIZZLY: She's right.

NINJA: Aw, I know she's right! I know we're bein' dicks, but I can't help it! I mean, what'll we do if we fuck up here? How long we gon' work for this bullshit anyhow?

SVL: As long as it takes us to get RICH!

YANG: Man, none of this hassle-shit was in the damn brouchure.

NINJA: I hear ya.

BB: We've got to give it a try. I mean, it's not that bad...

YANG: You're right. It's not that bad. But it's bad enough.

POLLA: But it's barely our second day!

NINJA: My point exactly. I mean, is this it? This what we gon' do fer the rest of our lives an' shit?

PIOJO: Will you all get a grip and grow up already! What scares you? This has got to be the easiest shit we all have done by far and it's the best paying job we've ever had, too.

POLLA: That's what I'm saying! Just give it a try, guys, let's just give it a few weeks.

NINJA: A few weeks?! D'you have any idea how fuckin' LONG that is?!

POLLA: One semester, that's it. Just one semester.

NINJA: I dunno, dawg...

MOCO: Ya no deberian pensar en esas cosas. We need to sleep. Estoy bien cansado...

PIOJO: He's right. Turn out the lights already. Look at you all, you're yawning.

NINJA: I know we be... oh wells. Que sea lo que Dios quiera.

PROPHET: Asi sera.

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