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04 October 2007 - 23:59

aaaaand, we're running late!

GRIZZLY: Polla's been fantasizing about making out with Aaron. During work. No, not that. Not that she's making out with him during work hours, just that we're working, and all of a sudden the image is in our head and we know it's her, 'cause we just know. She's not denying it, either. And I feel our eyes just glaze over like a honey-baked ham and we'll stare at the monitor, until she's done. Which can sometimes take a while. I'm not too good at making her stop.

NINJA: Poor Grizzler.

GRIZZLY: Shut up.

NINJA: See? That's the reason ya' can't control 'er right there. "Shut up." Dawg! Grow some balls, teddy-bear! Ya' can't even tell me ta' fuck off proper-like? Shit!

GRIZZLY: Did you just call me "teddy-bear"? Sheesh. And I'm the one that's got a defective-testicle issue here.

NINJA: Just tryin' ta help. And waddayamean defective balls?!

GRIZZLY: Forget it, Ninja. Let me just go back to my ranting. We have about two minutes before mom gets here and we'll have to log off.

NINJA: Righ'.

GRIZZLY: So anyway. She's getting all misty in the panties for that guy again. But it's... changed, somehow. Can't you tell? It's... I dunno. She's not naive about it anymore, not getting serious with this guy. In her mind, I mean. 'Cause, of course, we never really were serious with him in real life. Just like you were never serious in real life with Mar�a, Ninj'.

NINJA: How many effin' times do I's gotta tell you people dat I WAS NEVER IN LOVE WIT' DAT FAT BITCH! Don' even know where ya'll's got that shit. *mutters*

GRIZZLY: Sure. You say so, bro'.

YANG: Hey, guys. Sorry to break up your little, erm, meeting n' shit, but it's already twelve past. 'Ama should be outside by now. Let's boogie on outta here.

NINJA: Boogie?! I'm surrounded by fags!

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