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16 June 2019 - 03:43

cure for what ails ya'

God, Piojo sucks so much...! He keeps playing scenarios in our tired head of Mom dying. I ask him why, for fuck's sake, why, and he replies coldly that he needs to prepare us for the worst possible outcome of tomorrow's discussion. Holy shit, man, cut us a fucking break! Now we're terrified; I'm fucking terrified. He's just trying to test his own mettle, I think. How much of our pain can he absorb; how long can he actually keep us going before we break down. I'm sure we're a difficult bunch to handle when we're in distress, and he needs to distress us as much as possible to measure his own limitations. Either that, or he's an asshole. "No reason it can't be both," Ninja growls from the dark. Everyone else is too terrified to speak, but I feel them all awake now...!

No, no matter what Rosa Isela throws our way, it can't be worse than what Piojo is doing to us tonight. Which, come to think about it... Oh, you fuck! That's what you're doing, isn't it? Putting our fears into perspective, showing us that tomorrow, there's no way tomorrow is the worst day of our life. That one is yet to come. Losing 'Amá, that's going to be the one that kills us. You asshole. You fucking jerk! He just stares at me blankly, slight nod. You couldn't just tell us everything is going to work out? There are other ways to relieve our fears! You are such an asshole! In the darkness, Ninja grins tiredly, and I watch him lean against our protector and snuggle against the frayed patchwork quilt.

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