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03 January 2022 - 17:30

writer's [cock]block[ed]

GRIZZLY: I am getting increasingly frustrated with this whole fanfic writing thing. I think I may be facing burnout.

I mean, I've been writing for years, but it's always been a hobby, y'know? I've never done something as serious as this (yes, fuckin' shut up, Sal, I know it's fanfiction, but it's practice, dammit!) What I mean with having something serious is that it's been years, since high school, really, that I've sat down to write something every day. And sure, it's been fun, but... I think I'm reaching that point where I'm becoming apathetic.

Now, logically speaking, I know I'm not the only writer who's gone through this, but that doesn't really help me get out of this funk. Believe me, I've read all of these blogs that give tips on getting out of writer's block. Problem is, this isn't really writer's block for me. I know how to continue this story. In fact, I hit my daily quota already, and surpassed it even. I'm probably going to end up writing a few more hundred words before the day is up. The issue isn't getting myself to write.

It's in giving a shit about it. It's simply not fun anymore.

Is that what professional writing is? That really depresses me.

NINJA: Well, I's think it's gotta do wit' ya' hoggin' up a lotta our time. We's a unit, Grizzler. But this entire year, whatever spare time we's got, you take it. Step back a little, bro'. Let th'rest of us breathe.

XVL: He's right, you know. We're not really letting everyone else be productive. I'm including myself here, because I actually wheedled a bit of time away from you in order to draw. But even that tied back to the stories you're working on. We need to work out a schedule where everyone's involved a bit, and everyone's happy.

NINJA: T'begin with, set yer damn word count to what y'want, then stick wit' it! Anythin' y'go over, great. But don' obsess on keepin' writin' fer dat day. Let th'rest of us do the shit we gotta do.

XVL: It'll help all of us feel more fulfilled, and then you'll be able to tackle each writing session with gusto!

BB: It doesn't help matters either, Grizzly, when you obsess over things like how many "hits" your writing gets. You're the one that keeps telling people to write for the sake of writing, not to get an audience.

GRIZZLY: I know, B, I know. But it's hard. Sites like AO3 are addictive. dA too, though not as much.

BB: Well, take a step back from it, like you said earlier. You were planning on it all along, right? Why wait to finish this story before you do? I mean, keep writing, finish your story, of course. But don't post it. Unplug yourself from what few websites you're on. I think it's enough if you stay on the NaNoWriMo site to use their calculators, but get off Tumblr and AO3. That's just extra baggage that you don't need. It's going to make you depressed.

GRIZZLY: You guys are right, all of you. I think I'll take you up on that advice, B. Just... step away from everything for a bit and stay faithful to the story alone. Fuck everything else.

I'll try, at least.

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