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02 August 2004 - 11:57

locked out of the shiz's party

SVL: perceptionss put a password on his diary! Dammit!

NINJA: Now we can't read his shit, dawg. That ain't cool at all.

YANG: Think we freaked out the guy with all those stalker e-mails we kept sending?

POLLA: What?!

*Yang and Ninja laugh*

JACK: But Jack wanted to be his friend! His friend!!

YANG: Oh, well. Tough luck, pal. Guess we'll just take the sucker off our Fav's List.

BB: Eric is not a sucker! You take that back!

NINJA: Aw, ya' liked him, BB?

POLLA: With creeps like you leaving the notes, no wonder he never wrote back! Eric's sweet, and you guys probably scared him off!

SVL: It's not like we needed to! Maybe he just wanted to keep his shit private now.

PIOJO: Why are we going on about this? You never met the guy. For all you know, all that shit in his diary was bullshit. For all people know, this is bullshit. And my dead grandmother's the one typing this from beyond the grave and shit. Who cares? Give it a rest.

BB: But Lucky was cute!

PIOJO: And he probably had rabis. Who gives a shit. I'm killing this entry now.

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