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22 November 2005 - 01:59

after a long day

POLLA: I bashed my nail today at work, and it hurts! *pouts*

MOCO: �Por pendeja!

POLLA: Shut up!

*Yang laughs*

POLLA: Anyway, I wasn't the one who bashed it between the metal shaft and the dollie, it was one of you guys!

NINJA: One of us guys? Hells no, it was BB!

BB: Sorry!

YANG: Ruben's gonna get a piss attack tomorrow when he gets an email from Stan bitching him out about why Aaron and I did so much overtime.

POLLA: Aaron's a prick!

NINJA: Naw he ain't! Yer jus' hurt, is all.

POLLA: Whatever, he's a prick. I don't like him anymore.

SVL: Liar.

*Polla blushes, but says nothing*

BB: It's really late, guys, we should go to sleep!

NINJA: Aw, I's don' wanna sleep!

SVL: *yawn* I do!

GRIZZLY: I do too. We've got school tomorrow, and I don't wanna miss class again.

POLLA: I'm getting a zit on my nose, it's so gross!

BB: It hurts, too. *frowns*

NINJA: Get the fuck over it.

SVL: We really need to sleep...

NINJA: Shaddap, dawg. I'll sleep when I damn well wanna!

YANG: I'm tired as hell, though. We really should sleep, bro. Tomorrow's another day.

NINJA: Yeah, well... I guess.

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