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18 January 2007 - 13:46

mental fusions

Something weird happened to us the other day, about a week ago, but we just shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. Here's what happened: at work, no one knows about us, o'course. That would be career suicide. The point is that due to this, we of course haven't told anyone at all about our system. We get along with many people at work, but we wouldn't call them friends. In fact, we have very little outsider friends. We might let something slip, and outsiders are always so hard to figure out. Especially the singletons, which is the vast majority of society. Ok, we're trailing off, sorry. The point I'm trying to stress is, no one knows we're plural, except Alex, but we've known her ass for over twelve years now. She's done a good job about keeping her trap shut, mind you. So imagine our surprise when one day at work someone we see for less than an hour a day calls out to one of our frontrunners by name. His name. "Hey, Ninja!" called Nando, and we spun around and gaped at him as though struck. He went on with us in casual conversation and thus we let it slide and pretended everyone and their mother has always known us as Ninja. You've gotta understand, Ninja has never been a nickname the body has gone by. It sounds nothing like our legal name, and we definately don't dress like a ninja or in any oriental fashion whatsoever. I mean, we're Mexican, for cryin' out loud, it's not like we look Asian or anything. And no, we don't have a black belt in anything, or boast to have one. Again, if we did, it definately wouldn't be to Nando, whom we talk to but hardly ever see. When we're punching in the clock he's always on his way out the door. So we let it go, right? All's well that ends okay.

Well, yesterday he called out another one of our frontrunners by his name, Grizzly. He even asked us if it was fine with us if he called us that from now on. We shrugged and said we didn't mind. What baffles us is how he can possibly know our individual names, or how he guesses them correctly if that's the case. It's not like anyone knows of this diary. Do they? *shifty eyes*

Then we read on a page on multiplicity how members of various systems are able to "travel" into another person's private inner world and hang out for a bit. Memories of events such as these are very fuzzy, so it's hard to tell if they happened or not, but the page said most people in general, not just multiple systems are able to do this, they just don't know it. And it's only more common in systems because of the larger number of people using the body, moving around in the brain and whatnot.

Is this what is happening to us, I wonder? And if so, why with Fernando? We hardly see the guy, though he's fun and everything. *shudder* It's just creepy. I wish we knew how to make it stop.

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