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09 April 2020 - 22:35

murmurs in my mind

GRIZZLY: *sigh*

NINJA: Tired, bro?

G: You know it. This frickin' knee thing is killing me.

N: Wuss.

G: Shut up, you don't like it anymore than I do.

N: Yeah, but it be the sports tape that be buggin' me more'n the actual knee.

G: Whatever.

XVL: Seriously, what are we doing here still, guys? Shouldn't we head home? I wanna go home. We're not on the clock anymore!

G: Yeah, but where else, when else can we type? I'm not using my tiny-ass phone to blog or whatever the fuck this is. And this shouldn't take long, anyway. I just, y'know, like to clear the haze around here a bit. We don't get a lot of time to just be still and talk to one another, y'know?

X: Yeah, but, we can talk in the car, on the drive home. Admit it, Grizzly, you just want to be able to document all the stupid shit we say. And for what? It's not even important stuff! We're not important.

N: Ann Frank, we ain't!

G: Fuck, you twit! *laugh* You're right, Sal. I do wanna document the stuff we talk about, even if it's mundane. Even if in the grand scheme of things, our life turns out to be insignificant and no one remembers us. I know our memory will eventually die out as the generations pass. I don't much mind, though now that I think on it, it does make me feel sorrowful to know that by that same measure, Mom won't be remembered by the world either. Just by us, and the rest of her family, but even so, only for maybe two or three generations more. She will fade into ether, and that's not fair.

PROPHET: Life is seldom fair, such is its nature.

G: Hey, Proph! We hardly see you around anymore. Where have you been?

PH: Everywhere.

G: Yeah, okay. I should have expected that by now.

PH: You asked.

G: I did. Aren't you sad? At the thought of Mom's memory fading?

PH: No. Because we will fade first. Our consciousness will cease to exist in its current form, and we will never come to realize that our mother was forgotten by the universe. Such is the nature of things.

N: Wha's it wit' you n' nature t'night?

X: Don't mind him, he's a grumpy old man with a bum knee.

PH: I do not mind. He is a child in my eyes, as are the whole lot of you. As we all are old and new at once. We begin to die from the moment we first draw breath.

X: Such is the nature of things?

PH: Yes.

G: Well, this has been charming, and unexpected.

N: Taste the sarcasm!

G: Shut up, guey. We should actually get going. I hear Rafa and Norbie in the office already, and I don't much feel like socializing. Shit! We forgot to text Alex! *hastily sends text message* Aaand done! So, yep, you're right, Sal, we should head out. Maybe finally get to throw out all the trash Mom is accumulating in the Blue RoomTM.

X: Finally!

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