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01 April 2009 - 16:14

man & mono

SVL: I'm trying to draw Yowlie, but the kid won't stay still in my mind. He's being kinda bratty today. I mean, he was fine while we were at work a while ago. Mainly because he was jamming out to our Marrow & Bone playlist with Ninja and Yang. But as were driving home, he was being impatient because he was hungry. As we drove up to the house, we were just in time to see 'Ama drive away in Hugo, and that sent the Little One into sniffles because she misses her mom. Yowlie instantly got grumpier because he's too old for that "baby stuff," as he calls it, and he was really annoyed. BB was able to make Gis stop crying after a few minutes and we started to heat up our food. We had to put that on hold too, because Gis started crying again after we read the note Mom left us on the stove, and M.B. was rolling his eyes at her and stuff.

MB: So Piojo took us all into the room and played that death song for Gis so she could shut up. And she did. That was good.

Then we all went and ate the food that Mami left for us, pero I didn't like it. Esparragos are yeauck! Saben feos, and no me gusto el queso in the chiles rellenos porque estaba slimy. And that's why Sal dice que I'm being annoying, porque he wants to draw me pero no puede. It's not my fault he can't draw good!

SVL: Hey! I can too frickin' draw, you brat! But if you'd stop dominating the body and let me finish the sketch instead of nitpicking over my shoulder, I'd get something done! Go take a nap or something.

MB: No tengo sue�o. I had a Coke.

*BB giggles*

MB: �No veo!

SVL: Well stop rubbing our eyes! You're making the contacts move around; it makes our vision blurry.

MB: No me gustan esos contacts. They feel yeauck.

SVL: Whatever. Anyway, we didn't finish our food in the end, because Mr. Picky here wouldn't eat it. However, he did scarf down some leftover Doritos from last night.

MB: Doritos no son yeauck.

MOCO: Como eso si te tragas, cabr�n.

SVL: Exactly, that's what I'm saying.

MB: Ya dije. Porque no saben yeauck. I like los Doritos.

MOCO: �Y ya habla bien, con una chingada! Escoje un pinche lenguaje y quedate con el, no que handas brincando del ingles al espa�ol. Bien que la mamas, chango.

MB: No! No quiero, I don't wanna! *sticks out his lengua*

*Yang laughs*

YANG: What? You gotta admit, that was damn funny.

MOCO: Por eso se chifla, porque a ustedes les da gracia. A ver si igual se r�en cuando Piojo termine sonandoselo.

YANG: He's a kid, Moco, give him a break. You too, Svl. Yowlie's hardly ever dominant anyway.

SVL: Well, neither am I, not anymore anyway, and I don't act so impossible when I do get a chance out. Makes people not want to let him out more often.

YANG: You mean Ninja? Yeah, right! He tolerates the kids way more than you do. Acts more like a kid than even the kids do! (Except for Jack.)

SVL: He's not the only frontrunner. Just because I'm not dominant as much anymore doesn't take away any of my rank or control when it comes to the body's functions. And Grizzly doesn't find MB or Ninja amusing.

MB: �Ya terminaron de pelear? �Me quiero ba�ar! �Huelo bien yeauck!

SVL: �Te vas a dejar dibujar?

MB: No! Asi no; huelo bien yeauck.

SVL: You're gonna be nit-picky all day aren't you?

MB: No. When we get to work, creo que me voy a dormir. No me gustan las people del work. Pero I can't nap si huelo yeauck. �Ya nos podemos ir a ba�ar? Porfaplease?

SVL: Fine, but only if you promise to go away while we're at work.

*Moco mutters in the background*

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