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26 January 2019 - 15:38


Today, I am at the library with my two nephews, Lower Case and Papo. I like them. They are super cool. Right now, Angel is playing a racing game. It's a typing game he has for school. Of course, since I work with computers all the time, and I type every day, I took over a single race course and whooped some ass. It's sorta cheating, but it was fun. I feel good today. Tomorrow is Bebo's birthday. It'll also be P'fas's birthday, too, but I'll try not to be sad.

So we watched the movie Split on Showbox the other day. It was alright. We're really curious to know what other systems thought of it. I think M. Knight Shaymalan (probably misspelled his name) did his homework, and tried his best to be accurate and respectful of the community, but still got some things wrong. There were parts of the movie that reminded me of Piojo, while the ending of Glass really hit home for me in regards to 'Apa.

We were reading over some old entries here, and came across one of the ones where we talk about 'Apa and his inner peeps. I really do think multiplicity might be hereditary. Melian and MistGod mentioned to me how Dave's dad was multiple, of a sort. I wonder when I'll be able to talk to my sister's kids about us, and how we function. Will they believe us? Will they be afraid of us? I mean, at first, Toty was kind of afraid. She wouldn't let us be alone with Angel at first, remember? Yeah, I's remember. 'Least she got over dat shit, tho'.

Argh, we're all over the place today. It's because we're all integrated, but not. I mean, at least most of us are integrated today. We gotta be, sometimes.

Oh! Oh! That reminds me! (Jack is excited!) Moco Gish has been coming out recently! He doesn't go alone, though. Ninja asked him for his help in talking in Spanish. Moco helped. I mean, Yang speaks Spanish, too, and at first we wondered why Ninja wouldn't ask him instead, since they're best buds and all, but I kinda get why now. He was forcing Moco to take the front with him, so he could see sunshine, and smell the wind, feel the dog's soft fur. I think Moco's been more willing to come forward, too, because of the chickens. Chickens remind him of Guelita Leonor and her house, and that makes him feel safe. I feel so bad for him, poor thing. But it's been nice to see him out and about. When he's been out front... es como volver a respirar por primera vez en mucho tiempo. Como si fuese un preso que acaba de obtener la libertad. Siento calma, y aun un poco de tristeza. El tiempo que he perdido, no podre recuperar, pero que lindo se siente volver a estar fuera...

Right now, Lower Case is working on his psychology notes for class. Papo is playing a space game. Maybe we should log off this thing, too, and do something else. Maybe we can write a review of Split, since we wanted to know what other multiple systems thought of it! We are a system! We can write what we thought of it!

Yes, very nice, Jack. Maybe we'll do that. Still, that means we need to finish this entry first, okay? Okay.

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