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14 January 2005 - 23:06

new beginnings

Earlier today, Gis cried. And cried and cried. Reminded us of when we were in Penncro, but then Piojo came and soothed her coldly. No one can hit you, he said, and she grew silent. Right now we are tired, still lacking sleep, still not talking to Mar�a at all. And I can forgive her wussing out and not talking to us. Hell, I's can even forgive her fer not callin' me on our birthday... but I will NOT, and I mean NOT forgive her for what she did to Dud, not seeing her off. It would have meant something to her, we know it, even if they were a bit touchy with each other. I mean, Mar�a is Dud's oldest friend. They've known each other for more than ten years, since junior high. And then Mar�a doesn't even come to see our sister off, just because no le gusta oir sus verdades. Dud acts like she doesn't care, but I know she wishes things didn't have to end that way between them. And we've just been too busy to be properly pissed at her anymore, and we've grown more accepting of Piojo's coldness towards her, and are starting to not give a naked rat's ass about her anymore. I hope she dies.

Ok, not all of us want her dead, I'm sure anyone that knows us by know will know that was Ninja/Piojo. Ninja 'cause he's still hurt, still loves the whore, Piojo 'cause he just doesn't give a fuck, couldn't care less if she died but wishes she would already so Ninja could get over her faster. So we could all get over her friendship faster. And Piojo says she was never worth it, we were just a freak show to her, but we refuse to believe it. I mean, she can't be that big of a bitch, can she?

PIOJO: Of course she can.

NINJA: Man, shut up, dawg.

PIOJO: *sigh* These idiots still don't get it.

Anyway. It's almost time for us to go pick up mom from work. She'll call in a while, then we'll go for her. Then tomorrow we'll start our life all over again with a brand-new opportunity, brand-new job. And in Virginia, Dud will be happy because she's gonna get to see her husband, and Mar�a will be the last thing on everyone's mind. Yes, the last thing, even on the mind of the married man she's fucking at work.

PIOJO: Pathetic.

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