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04 December 2004 - 19:53


My head hurts. I wanna punch my mother.
MOCO: Ni te atrevas, pendejo.
NINJA: Fuck off, Moco, what the fuck do you know about this?
MOCO: Se que por cas� veinte a�os nos a estado aguantando y manteniendo 'Ama, y ahora que ella se siente un poco mal, you don't wanna do shit to help her out! �Eso no es justo!
YANG: Tampoco es justo que se cargue con nosotros! Where the fuck is Dud? Or Dad? Or anybody?
POLLA: Argh! There she is, calling us again! Doesn't she get tired of nagging?!
MOCO: Callate el hocico, babosa, that she took care of us all for quite a while!
POLLA: Then YOU take care of her!
MOCO: ��Y qu� chinga'os creen que estoy haciendo?!
BB: Calm down, everyone. We don't need to be fighting right now. I think Moco's right. Mami needs us right now. Because, really, what would we do if she were gone?
NINJA: Breathe a little easier, that's what.
BB: Ninja!
YANG: He didn't mean that.
MOCO: Mas le vale que no!
YANG: It's just that we're all frusterated with this shit. Won't it ever end?
PIOJO: Of course not. She's getting old. It's time you all faced that. Things will only get worse from here. It has finally begun.
SVL: �G�ey, no manches!
GRIZZLY: He's not kidding. I agree with Piojo on that. Mom ya no esta para cuidarnos. Now we have to start taking care of her... even if she does smell like old lady, Jack.
*Jack, who had been about to say just that, closes his mouth with a pout*
NINJA: Pero es que me canso tanto...
PIOJO: Welcome to her world. How do you dipshits think she's felt all these years?
MOCO: Eso es exactamente lo que estaba tratando de decir.
PIOJO: Pues, you already said it. Now quit bitching and get to work. Ignoring her and her problems won't make them go away, even if I did wish that sometimes. I wish you would all go away too, but do you leave? Of course not. Now get your lazy asses up off the damn seat and turn off that computer.
*Clan leave to tend our aging mother*

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