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23 July 2005 - 15:01

Picasso's preocupations

SVL: *sigh* Oh damn.
BB: What's wrong?
SVL: Dumbledore's dead.
SVL: Yeah, I read it on a chat board. On neopets.
NINJA: And since when have you given two shits 'bout Harry Potter?
SVL: I don't. I just felt like saying that. It's an effective way of deferring your attention from my real problem.
NINJA: Whatever, yo. Ok. I don't 'nd'rstand technobabble.
SVL: *laughs* You're such a moron! That wasn't technobabble!
NINJA: Whatever, I didn't 'nd'rstand it anyway.
SVL: Good.
GRIZZLY: But I did.
SVL: Crap.
GRIZZLY: So what's really bothering you?
SVL: Nothing. It's nothing.
GRIZZLY: Oh, come on! You can't lie to me! You feel like shit, I know it, because it's making me feel down too! So what the hell is wrong with you already?
POLLA: Yeah, I wanna know too, so we can cheer you up and feel better ourself.
SVL: But I don't want to feel better.
YANG: Tough shit.
GRIZZLY: Well at least tell us what's wrong so we can know why we're depressed. Look, you're gonna make Jack cry and the least you could do is tell him why he's gonna start bawling... right... about...
YANG: There it is.
SVL: *sigh* Oh, alright. It's that stupid Neopian Times issue. It already came out. And my comic strip didn't make it in... again.
BB: Oh, I'm so sorry, Svli...
SVL: Don't call me that, that's Dud's nickname, not mine.
BB: Fine, you grouch.
SVL: I had just really thought I'd make it in this time! I mean, Dud thought it was funny! And... well, so did I, dammit! That was our best comic strip, but it didn't make it in! At this rate, we'll never get into the Neopian Times! But nooo... all the regulars like Tomi and Whatisface-with-the-green-boots and all those other motherfuckers got in the damn issue! They drop out of existance for months, then they hear the new issue's coming out and they just gotta rush to submit something, and it's just not fuckin' fair for the rest of us and shit! And I... I just... *snif*
BB: Aw, don't cry, Svli! *puts her arm around him*
PIOJO: Suck it up, you wuss!
SVL: Fuck you, man. You didn't work half as hard as I did for this strip! In fact... you didn't work for it at all!
PIOJO: Aw, is the little tempremental artist hurt? *smirk* What you're really afraid of is that if you can't even make it into a free web-based newspaper where the characters are practically gift-wrapped for your strip, you've got no chance at the real business of comic book drawing, isn't it?
SVL: Well... yeah!
PIOJO: Then let me save you the months you'll spend for the realization to hit you: You don't.
POLLA: Piojo!
PIOJO: What?
POLLA: Quit being such an ass!
PIOJO: Why? It's the truth.
GRIZZLY: It is not! Don't listen, Svl. You know that if you just keep at your dreams you'll get there some day.
PIOJO: Yeah, you'll reach international fame after you've gotten drunk and commit suicide at age 84. By then, of course, there'll be no point in fame, 'cause we'll be dead, and for all we know, you were a failure your whole fuckin' life.
POLLA: Stop it!
NINJA: Look, dawg, if ya' can live wit' this guy's criticism our whole life, we'll make it through a'ight. I mean, look where we are now! He said we'd never get a job like the one we got!
PIOJO: Oh, yes. A big whoopie for you.
NINJA: Fuck you!
PIOJO: No, thank you.
GRIZZLY: God, you're an ass! But look Svl, Piojo aside, we all believe in you. I do. And I know we'll make it, you and me both. You'll see, I'll write a book, and you can illustrate it.
SVL: I don't know... I'm not depressed anymore... just tired. I wanna sleep.
YANG: That's depression, for ya'.
BB: Go ahead and sleep it off for a while, Svli. Then we can get up and try again.
SVL: Fine...
*Svl gets up and walks into the safety of the dark Closet. He pauses at the door and turns to us*
SVL: Oh, and - BB?
BB: Yes?
SVL: Please stop calling me Svli.
BB: Oh, alright already!

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