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22 January 2008 - 14:12

the Piojonater

It is usually when we are tired beyond physical belief that Piojo emerges, we notice. Like now. (NINJA: 'Cause we be really fuckin' tired righ' now, see?) The soft, purring kitten on my lap inspires no emotion, and he sets us to do tasks that under normal circumstances we procrastinate in performing. Like cleaning up after Dad, or taking out the trash and recycling bags. And we won't eat. We don't feel hunger when he's around. Right now, I just feel slightly sweaty and sticky. And in the back of our mind he is telling us that we need a shower, but that it will have to wait until after work.

POLLA: And he made us cook!

Yes, that he did. Polla doesn't much like cooking, as anyone can gather. It's like I'm absent-minded when he's in control. He's be the perfect son, I think. They don't know it, my family, but if he was around permanently, he'd be the epitome of self-dicipline and perfection. He'd do everything around the house, and never get tired, and never complain... and he wouldn't take up much room, either. I don't even think we'd sleep all that much with him in charge. But we digress. The time grows late, our departure for work is imminent, and we have yet tasks around the house to perform.

FYI: Piojo also makes us use this, more complicated vocabulary. It isn't normal spoken speech. And no, this is not him speaking of himself in the third-person. It's just that he doesn't really much like talking at all to anyone when he's dominant, not even to us, so I usually take over the verbal area of our brain and narrate his actions. Because that is all he allows me to do.

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