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08 March 2006 - 02:36


Today, we noticed several things, but two struck our attention most.

1) Juan has got a zit on his nose. It was icky.

2) Aaron's got the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen on a guy, but maybe that's just Polla talking. His eyes are pretty, though. Lashed just right and stuff. And I mean, sure, Joel has them pretty honey-green peepers (*gets the Jeepers Creepers song stuck in head*) and all, and compared to them I guess Aaron's eyes do seem kinda plain... but still. That kid's got really nice eyes. And I guess I just hadn't noticed because I'd never taken the time (or had the real courage) to just look him in the eyes for once, and up close, like I did tonight. And it was an accident, when I did happen to see into him tonight ("An' dat jus' sounded plain wrong, dawg...!") after the Sort. I forget what he was saying, even. Something about work, I'm sure. Oh, I think it was the Export RTS's we had going to Puerto Rico. Something along those lines. The point is, I was standing right next to him and I happen to look down at him (he was sitting on a chair and we were standing up) and into his eyes. God damn, I nearly drowned! Seriously. There was this light in them and I noticed his black eyelashes for the very first time and almost swooned on the spot. Well, Polla and BB almost did anyway. Because, yes, BB thought they were amazingly beautiful as well. Sheesh. Girls, I'm tellin' ya.

And I think maybe he saw me looking at him in a way I don't think I have before, and he regarded me in the same way in return. Like paying really close attention to the details of my face. I hope he liked what he saw. I mean, I hope I didn't have a booger up my nose he was staring at or something, know what I mean? *chuckles softly* Although, yes, that would have been very funny. And Jack likes boogers.

The point is, I think we noticed each other, regarded each other in relative silence for about two or maybe even three seconds before continuing our work-related conversation. He weirds me out, that kid does. He weirds out the girls in me, and even the guys. I mean, I just don't know what to make of him. I mean, does he like me or something? There are times I get the impression that he does, by the way he looks at me, touches me briefly as we work, jokes around with me and just laughs and smiles at and with me all the time. But then again, he does that with everybody. And I don't wanna get the wrong impression. Although I can't help it, I'll admit, and I get insanely jealous whenever he talks alone to Denise, or even Zamira, although I hide it well. And see, he puzzles me, because at times I think he gets jealous whenever I talk to Juan, and the two of us joke around and laugh and he's not in on the joke. Again, this all might just be Polla's imagination. And it's weird to me, to feel this. I don't think I've ever felt this way about anyone before, not even Israel, not even Danny or Joel or Eloy Flores. Not anyone except him. Aaron. Stupid kid. I hope the girls get over him too, although they're getting quite comfortable with the emotion, to say the truth. They're settling into it, controlling it and even enjoying it more. Bummer.

Damn. And I get all this from a pair of fuckin' brown eyes?!

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