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29 October 2006 - 00:29


POLLA: Ninja, now why the fuck did you just do that?!

NINJA: Do what?

POLLA: Whaddoyoumean, "what"? The porn! That was so gross, so, so, wrong!

NINJA: Hey, I didn't go there, y'all did. I jus' peeked in on the fun at the end. And I's gotta tell ya... that be some messed up shit, yo.

SVL: I can't believe you guys were watching porn. And over the internet! You have any idea how many damn cookies you musta downloaded into our hard drive?!

NINJA: Heh. You said "hard drive."

*Yang laughs*

GRIZZLY: You two are sick, just sick.

NINJA: But I didn't go to that website! It weren't me! I don't know which one a y'all -

YANG: It was me.

BB: Ew, Yang!

YANG (slightly offended): I wasn't acting alone! Some of you were present too, I felt you guys! I was merely curious, but one of you guys really wanted to see some action. I found everything quite amusing, really, but that was about it.

POLLA: Well, don't look at me... Ninja!

NINJA: What? Yer the one that masturbates!

POLLA: I do not!

SVL: You make the body do so, which is close enough.

*Polla opens her mouth to protest, but is cut off by BB*

BB: Well, if it wasn't Polla, and it wasn't Yang or Ninja or me... I'm assuming it wasn't you two either, right? *Indicates Grizzly and Svlvzvr with her eyebrows* Judging by your reactions to it all, I mean. So then who was it?

YANG: It can't be Moco, he's asleep.

GRIZZLY: That only leaves the Prophet, Piojo, and the little ones.

SVL: Which doesn't make sense at all. I mean, take a look at Gis. *points* Look how big her little eyes have become. They look like saucers.

*Everyone else turns in stunned realization at the green moon chair where the Little One sits, curled up small and wide-eyed as in fear*

BB: Good God... she saw that?!

*BB runs over to Gis and scoops her up.*

BB: �Ay, Dios! �No mires, chiquita!

NINJA: I'd say it's a little too late fer that!

BB (enraged): Dammit, where is Piojo?! He should've been watching her!

PIOJO: Really? Should I have?

*The Protector stands calmly in the entrance to the room, between the Closet and the Nether. Polla and BB wheel on him, but the guys hang back, unsure*

POLLA: Yes, you arrogant idiot, yes, you should have!

BB (hotly): What were you thinking, letting her see Ninja's crap?!

NINJA: Hey! I alrea'y told ya it weren't me!

POLLA: Well, it had to be somebody surfing the Pornonet with your pal over there!

NINJA: An' how am I to know it wasn' you, ya half-bit whore?! Shit!

POLLA: Because it wasn't, you sack of walking hormones! Everyone knows that between you and Yang you've got testosterone to spare the world over! Who else would it have been? Him?! *signals over her shoulder at Piojo with a jerk of hr thumb*

PIOJO: Perhaps.


SVL: Say what again?

PIOJO: I was under orders.

*more silence as the Clan gawps at our Protector*

POLLA: Orders? Orders from who?

PIOJO: That information does not pertain to you, therefore it is none of your concern. *to BB* Now give me the child. She has seen much and must now be allowed to sleep.

*He reaches over and BB instinctively recoils back a little, clutching the Little One against her breast. Piojo raises an eyebrow and the room grows slightly colder. The Little One squirms feebly and BB is forced to hand her over. Piojo takes the tiny child in his scarred arms and hides her quickly from view underneath his frayed and tattered quilt. As Piojo stepps back into the shadows and away from the dim light of the room, blood is seen drying upon his face, in the shape of a long gash running across his eyes. Stunned, we say nothing, but watch him turn his back on us to take his leave. As he stepps into the sanctity of the Closet, BB calls out to him one final time.*

BB: Piojo?

*He pauses but doesn't turn back or say a word. BB's voice sounds tired and feeble in her throat.

BB: This... whoever... whoever told, I mean, instructed you to... influence Yang to watch internet pornography, did they... they asked you to force Gis to watch it too?

*He contemplates an answer for a brief moment*


*And he's gone.*

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