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09 December 2019 - 17:42

progress in work

Hey, guys! Weekday work meeting time again! Yeah, I tried to do alliteration, but it didn't quite work. Nerd.

Well, we missed half of break. Ho-hum. So, it's boring again today. No work. The little work we had, we already did. Management even had everyone cleaning for a while because there was no volume anywhere in the warehouse. Anyway, even though right now we don't have anything to do, I'm gonna wait until the TYT show ends fully before I continue on this entry. I really enjoy the Turks and want to pay my full attention to it.

So yeah, Sort's down. First time in a while that we're out before ten. It's nice, but I'm also a glutton for hours. Ninja's cool with it, though. Damn righ'. So, is this what you're doing now? Fer now, yeah. Like th'feels of it. I know it ain't practical, though. We'll pro'lly only do this when we's got time. Righ', Sal? Yeah, sure. Whatever. Look, I'm kinda not in the mood for this, okay? Let me know when we're headed home. Okay. (Hey, why don't I get a color? Pick one, it's up to you. Nah, it's too weird to do it now, that the entry's underway. We'll confuse ourself. But for posterity's sake, in the future, I want to use navy blue. Figures. I see what Ninja means with this being time consuming, though. Anyhow, I'm off to nap. Again, wake me up later. Maybe I'll work on that sketch for the chil'rens.

See, that's part of the thing I wanted to talk over, too. I know I'm beating a dead horse. I get it, okay? It still makes me uneasy. What's the count at? 21? And that kid popped out in public, in front of all of us. Mom and their siblings, too.

BB: Well, Mom didn't notice.

GRIZZLY: B! *smiles and hugs* I know, but I couldn't help feeling that they were putting on a show. Is that wrong of me to think?

BB: No, but put yourself in their place, if that was us. How did we act at that age? What were our expectations on life? How did we express ourself?

GRIZZLY: That's the thing! We didn't manifest as overtly as they are, or as many.

NINJA: *cough* College! *cough*

GRIZZLY: Yeah, I get that. And sure, I guess you're both right. But c'mon, you gotta admit, that was partially us trying to get attention, too. As though we wanted to get discovered, to validate our existence. What I'm afraid of, I suppose, is that we've accidentally goaded them on into "creating" more of them, just to scandalize. Know what I mean? For the shock value. Because did you see how this new kid acted?

BB: Very similarly to Jack, yes. But Grizzly, sweetie, doesn't that fit into Piojo's theory that all systems, or at least most, slowly but surely fall into a similar structure, despite vast differences? Even Sal's friend, Mel, kinda falls into that structure, except with fewer people. It's why she's so well-rounded, I believe. A11... they're only just discovering each other, and their mind is maybe restructuring itself. Perhaps this "new kid" will only be a fragment. Maybe many of them will, and then fade into the essence of their Mindscape. Still present, but not really there in the full sense of the word. Like the Spook.

GRIZZLY: I think Piojo's right, and we do have a lot more power over our inner world; we just don't realize it at first. Maybe because we're a more mature adult, we've been able to come to the conclusion that we're all the same person, and can act accordingly. We don't focus as much on each individual's point-of-view, because we're very comfortable being one single entity, at least when the world requires it of us.

XVL: Yeah, and you can't expect the same from a teenager, sheesh.

GRIZZLY: Weren't you going to sleep?

XVL: Changed my mind. This concerns me, too, you know. If we're gonna talk about our nephew, I want in.

GRIZZLY: So where do you fall on this?

XVL: You're being a tight-ass. Relax. You're demanding way too much of them. Don't you remember us being in junior high and demanding that people call us Jack? Well, Jack demanding that people acknowledge him for who he is. Good grief, I mean, he still acts out in public. Angel and his Brainlings will grow, and maybe they'll go away, or maybe they're there to stay. Doesn't matter. They're still our nephew. And when it comes to worrying about whether people *cough* Ro'isela! *cough* will blame us, and by that extent, you for influencing their development, then, well, fuck that shit. You can't do anything about it, just like we can't dictate what goes on in Angel's brain. Now, can we please go home now? For once I want to be able to get home and either clean, nap, or just be lazy. And today's one of the few days we don't gotta go pick Mom up from work. Just... let me help draw out our anxiety. Excuse the pun. *wink*

GRIZZLY & NINJA: *groan*

XVL: Whatever, haters. Seriously, I can make it better. Also, Jack wants that spacetopus.

GRIZZLY: Right, right. Let's go. I'll try not to be such a bitch about it.

XVL: Atta guy!

NINJA: Mmm, Whataburger...

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