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11 November 2007 - 23:36

procrastination kills

GRIZZLY: You know we're just updating this thing because we don't wanna go back into the closet and finish cleaning.

NINJA: Well, durr!

GRIZZLY: Uh-huh, real mature.

SVL: What's the point of all this?

GRIZZLY: There is no point, don't you listen? I just finished saying we're trying to avoid cleaning out our closet and hence we're updating this stupid thing! You really need to pay attention!

SVL: Yeah, but... to you?

*Yang and Ninja laugh*

GRIZZLY: Hey! What do you -

POLLA: This diary is not a stupid thing! I love this damn thing! It's one of the only places where I can vent and say whatever I want to!

NINJA: Hence it's a stupid thing, durr!

GRIZZLY: Cut it out!

YANG: Who're you talking to?

GRIZZLY: Not you!

YANG: I know. But who d'you want to cut it out? Ninj', Sally or Babe?

SVL: Ew, don't call her that! At least not in front of me! Eegh!

NINJA: Fo' realz, dawg. (in unison with Svl): DURR!

GRIZZLY: What is it with you freaks and all the "durr's" today? What's it even mean, anyway? It doesn't mean anything! It's not even a word!

NINJA: Sure it is, dawg. It means NO SHIT, 'nly it's hick-style. Like I-got-no-teeth, drink-Mountain-Dew-n'-eat-corn-cobbs, rusty-trucks DURR. Y'know, durr!

GRIZZLY (slighly nauseous): Right. You stereotyping piece of shit. Since you're "hick" I suppose.

NINJA: Hey, I done saw that Cars movie with that TowMater dawg to know enough country folk talk to last me a lifetime.

GRIZZLY: You sicken me.

*Ninja shruggs*

POLLA: He sickens all of us, Grizzly, don't worry, you're not alone.

NINJA: Shut up, cunt.

*Grizzly slaps a hand to his face and mutters*

SVL: Wow. And to think.


SVL: Well, you said this was just to avoid cleaning our closet, right? And look at that! Already everyone's managed to get in a fight.

YANG: I'm not mad at anyone. Actually, I find this amusing.

POLLA: So what am I now, your clown?!

SVL: See? But now she's mad at you.

YANG: Aw, crap. It's not what I meant!

PIOJO: Are you idiots done yet? It is ten minutes to midnight now.

GRIZZLY: Piojo! Yes! You rational bastard, I'm so glad you're here! *runs over and wraps his arms tightly around the protector, whose face remains expresionless, although his near-black eyes glint with a slightly annoyed look*

PIOJO: Obviously I am here. Now get off.

GRIZZLY: Right, sorry. *hastily backs away*

PIOJO: Whatever this commotion is about must cease. The children are already sleeping and you will wake them if you keep stirring these emotion currents through the Closet. I will not have it be affected. The Body grows tired; it must sleep soon. But we cannot do so until we remove all the mess from atop the bed. In that manner we will be able to awaken early in the morning to finish what I know you shall not complete tonight. You procrastinate in this manner on purpose, knowing full well what consequences await you.

NINJA: Damn, dawg, you talk all fancy n' stuff like Grizzler. What's got into you?

PIOJO: Perhaps you would like it repeated in terms simple enough for you to understand? Very well. GO CLEAN YOUR CRAP OFF THE BED SO I CAN GO TO SLEEP, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. You can finish cleaning in the morning. I will be waking you up early. By painful means, if necessary.

NINJA: Fine. *shudders* Creepy-ass thing.

PIOJO: I may be whatever you wish me to be. But I can still make you do what I want. You, and by you I mean ALL of you, are my bitch. Now get moving! Do not make me dominate.

YANG: Egh, no! Nobody wants that!

PIOJO: Then quit wasting time.


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