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09 November 2004 - 16:31

i QUIT!!!

SVL: My palms are sweaty.
NINJA: Well, whaddoyou expect? We're gonna quit, aren't we?
SVL: Yeah, but my hands are still sweaty. God, I wanna be outta there!
NINJA: We are.
SVL: But I mean now! I want this to be our last day!
YANG: *sigh* Well, you can't have everything.
MOCO: S�, dale gracias a Dios que Piojo nos dio el "OK". Ya sabes como es de cabron este mamey.
*Yang chuckles*
POLLA: I am so nervous! What if they kick us out before? What if they monitor us from now until the nineteenth?!
YANG: Doll, they've probably been monitoring us for the past week and you haven't even realized it. All we gotta do us try our best these last two weeks. Ya veremos como pasan las cosas.
GIS: Tengo miedo.
BB: Ya, ya... shh-shhh, chiquita. We'll be okay.
NINJA: Yeah, it ain't like we don't gotta house no more.
GIS: �Pero Mami?
NINJA: Mami will be okay. And we'll get another job to help her out soon, promise.
*Piojo laughs dryly.*
NINJA: And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?
PIOJO: Nada. Yo se mis ondas. Y ya, handale, hurry up and get our shit ready. It's time to go to work.
NINJA (muttering): Not fer the last time, I'll bet...
GIZZLY: Hey, you never know!
*Clan exit*

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