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16 June 2011 - 01:15


Ugh. Here we go again.

Tonight's Headmusic is Zombie DNY 2009 Remix by Miser & The Cranberries. (Which fits in nicely since we've been reading Priest.)

We're feeling petulant right now. This is how I know the kids are dominant.

Do you think one kid can replace another? Because I think que s�. Ya van dos veces que se va a sleep con Mami, y no me gusta. Pero I don't care porque we have our Cl�set. Pero luego Gis va a querer chillar y mi pansa hurts. Right now it hurts, I mean. BB says que it's normal. Ninja says it's our fault por comer mugrero. Gis va a chillar toda la noche if our pansa hurts. Tengo sue�o. Ya me voy a dormir... es weird... ya ni se porque estaba enojado...

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