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05 December 2019 - 15:37

this is becoming a daily routine

So we're in a sort-of predicament, although I'm sure I'm making a way bigger deal about this than it really is. I lost one of my earbuds. In fact, I'm sure it's in the pocket of the pants I wore yesterday, but those are at home, and I'm at a loss. 'Cause the music people are listening to downstairs sucks, and I don't wanna listen to it, but if I put in my one remaining earbud, I don't think it'll last throughout the entire TYT show. Alas and anon. Ninja tells me to suck it up and put up with the reggaetón. At least it's not banda, he says. "Just wait for it," Sal quips.

At least we're not completely alone up here today. Sugey's son, Marcos, is up here with us. Not that he's much company, to be honest. He's not a bad kid, but there's a real age difference between us, and he keeps to himself. I'm sure he's keenly aware that before his mom became our boss, she's been a close acquaintance, nearly to the point of friendship. I'm still quite fond of her, despite the fact that now our relationship has taken on a more formal tone due to her promotion.

Speaking of which, Sugey just came up here and took her kid away to help out downstairs. *grins* She's a'ight. She's real set on not havin' her kid look like a bum aroun' here. Pro'ly wants him t'get a permanent job here. Doubt if upper management'll allow it, though.

Time's dragging by reeeal slow. It's still another hour until the Young Turks main show starts, and we haven't got shit to do. Also, I just remembered that we haven't taken our damn diabetes medication today. Fuck. We had two Cokes today, too, so we need it. Hey, Marcos's back. He speaks to us in the formal vernacular in Spanish. Cute kid, and makes us feel old simultaneously.

I'm so very close to busting out our phone and playing games on it, seriously. I guess I could stamp another roll of stickers. I mean, I brought ink for just that purpose, but then I'll have endless rolls forever. Shit! I forgot to bring our colored duct tape that Jack picked out to "pimp out" our Thigh Protector 3000TM.

Okay, so we got some work a bit ago, which kept Ninja busy and happy for all of... eight? Eight minutes, according to our work phone. As we were finishing up, Josie showed up, so now there's that. Our time of brotherly bonding up here alone is at an end for today. Of course I mean that sarcastically, dumbass! Sheesh, Sal. There's absolutely no work right now, which is going to leave our active mind to wander. And look, yay, more work! This should keep us busy for a while. Hopefully.

Our other coworker just showed up, looking pale and ill. She said she's been nauseous and had the runs earlier. Sad day for her, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Alex, and I don't wish that she suffer, but she used to be our friend, and then betrayed that friendship years ago, and now Ninja doesn't trust her. Well, none of us do. But as an acquaintance, she's alright. I do my best not to hold a grudge, because, well, we kinda gotta work with her on a daily basis.

We've been doing our best to talk to the kids internally about our finances. They need to understand, especially Jack, that we won't have the income that we used to. So no more eating out as much as we used to, and we need to make full use of the groceries we do buy and eat everything. Gis has been really good about it, but she usually is. She just quietly accepts what we tell her, especially because she wants to help out her Mami. It does make her sad, though, that we won't be able to buy as many things for 'Ama as we used to. It may just be harder for us to say no to her than it is to say no to ourself. But such is life, at least for now. And we didn't get a reply from either Michael's or HEB on those job applications, which is a bummer. Maybe we're too old to be looking for those types of jobs now. Not getting the HEB job probably bummed us out the most. We've been wanting to work for HEB for years now, because they're a good company, and we like it there. Also, we studied pastries for a reason. I think it's time some of the rest of us help Ninja with the breadwinner role, too. BB and Sal would've likely thrived in that type if work environment. If our days in culinary school are anything to go by. We haven't had a chance to apply at Costco, either. I need to make time. And I really need to clean my our room. There's actually so much stuff that we have to get done! I'm sure we won't manage it all, but I at least need to prioritize in the interim. So even if we don't get everything done, we get some of it done, and the most important ones, at least. But we'll need to set a meeting up for that, and now's not the time.

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