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06 June 2022 - 11:39

my thoughts meander in a galaxy afar...

I woke up this morning with Icarus Bukk on my brain. I have all these little scenarios floating around of the Orsis Squad, zooming around the galaxy, evading the Empire and kicking ass. The group would encompass Icarus (as their leader - my God, what were they thinking?!), Kilindi (let's be real, she's the one who really calls the shots), Daleen, and the three Nightbrothers: Savage, Vylent and Feral. Also, Icarus somehow convinces his waifu that they should have a baby. It's a little Nautolan tadpole that they keep in a tank as he's developing. Not related biologically to either of them, but that hardly matters.

I imagine them meeting Cassian Andor and Ahsoka Tano at some point, while the Fulcrum spies are trying to recruit members for the Rebellion. Andor is tipped onto the mercenaries through contact he's had with Daleen and Icarus, who are both pretty good splicers. (Yeah, Icarus is surprisingly smarter than he looks or lets on. He's still Kilindi's absolute himbo, however.) Andor sets up a meeting with them, where Ahsoka will be present, but discreetly. She senses immediately that some in the group are Force-sensitive, and she worries that them being together will alert the Empire to their whereabouts. She thinks they need to split up and is reluctant to recruit them. She voices her concerns to Andor, who is surprised to learn of the Nightbrothers' Force sensitivity.

They keep intersecting with each other periodically. Sometimes coincidentally, other times too coincidentally. Turns out Ahsoka - being trained by the Jedi and all - genuinely frets about the A-Squad's wellbeing and safety, especially once she realizes they are more than just mercenary partners, but see each other as family. Plus they have a baby, my stars! Even though the Nightbrothers never reveal their powers around her (or anyone) and don't admit to having them, and despite the group not officially siding with the Rebellion at first (Kilindi, Vylent and Savage are extremely reluctant to join any cause that will put them blatantly at odds with the Empire), Ahsoka and her Fulcrum network occasionally help them out and provide supplies, sometimes anonymously. Also, Ahsoka has a soft spot for kids, and so wants to make sure their little tadpole is as safe as can be.

Fast forward a few months, and as Ahsoka feared, the Empire catches up to the A-Squad. During this time, they've also been helped out by Molly Rossunto and other old faces from their time at Orsis: Lerlee Neth, Ysanne and even the two Rodians, Fretch and Hubnutz. One such HUGE encounter with the Inquisitors ends with Hubnutz and Molly dead, Savage losing his arm (yes, like in canon), and Icarus almost dying. The Inquisitors also go after their baby tadpole (because they're dicks) and shatter the aquarium where they keep him. (Baby Nautolans spend the first stages of their lives submerged completely in water. Tadpoles cannot survive outside of it.) This is when Vylent finally reveals his power in the Force and uses telekinesis to form a water bubble around the baby to keep him alive. The Inquisitors take advantage of him having his hands and mind occupied to maim him pretty badly, as well. The Squad only survives because of Fulcrum's timely intervention. Ahsoka engages the Inquisitors directly, outing herself as a Force user and former Jedi, giving Andor and the other spies accompanying them enough time to shuttle the wounded and dead out. She makes them leave her behind, promising to reunite with her fellow Fulcrum. The tactic works, as the Inquisitors shift all of their attention onto the Togruta.

Haven't gotten much past that in my head, really. I just have this image in my mind of Kilindi nearly hysterical as the Rebels prepare a new tank for her baby. It is a vertical medical capsule, where organs for transplants are usually stored, which is all they have access to at the time. Icarus refuses any aid for himself until his child is taken care of. Once the tadpole is placed in this small container, Kilindi dips her head tentacles into the water so she can communicate and soothe their baby. She's doing that, and Icarus is all beat up, but he holds her from behind, so he's wrapped around her, comforting her as she's comforting their child. He's whispering, "It's alright, it's alright. Everything's gonna be okay."

And Cassian's torn up, because he thinks Ahsoka is dead, and she had become his family after he lost everyone as a six-year-old. He's sitting off by himself on the floor, crying in anger and despair, and he remembers being in that exact same position years before. Back then, the Togruta sat down beside him and wrapped an arm around him, pressing him against her side. "It's okay to cry, Cassian," she murmured into his hair. "Your pain, your anger, your fear... they're normal. You're allowed to feel these things. But don't let them control you. Emotions can cloud your mind, and I need you sharp, kiddo. You are so strong and brave... Hold out for me a little longer, 'kay? We'll get through this together."

Anyhow, it's a swirl of angst going on in that Rebel ship. It's what I've been thinking about all day. Honestly, if I ever do end up fleshing out the FGAU, it won't really be feel-good, y'know what I'm sayin'? There's still going to be a lot of suffering, just of a different kind.

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