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09 February 2014 - 17:57

creative flare

I'm undergoing a bit of an internal crisis here. Not a big one; I tend to exaggerate. (I don't even know who's talking in my brain at this point.)

Sal has a deviantArt page here. He's been very adamant and clear that he wants that page to be his, and his alone. He doesn't want the rest of us there, tainting his art with our opinions or comments. It's a place where he gets to express himself however he wants. Piojo approved of it, saying Sal needed his space, especially because of his frontrunning position. Because of we three frontrunners, he's the one most secluded from the outside world. He said it would help make Sal stronger.

And it has. I'm proud of and happy for my brother. He's even met members of other systems through that site. Thing is, I think he's becoming overly-obsessed. And it's not completely his fault, not alone, anyway. We all like to see if someone left a comment on his profile, if they've favorited his drawings or if he has a new watcher. But he's so absorbeed in his art now! And this new creative rebirth of his is affecting us all. BB's been wanting to cook more; she's off to college with Nacho this Wednesday to see what she needs in order to apply for their cooking courses, or at least take a baking class. And Sal's happy about it too, because baking is creating, and creation is artistic. I've (Grizzly) been rewriting old stories and revisiting poetry. Now I want a dA page, too, and that's where part of the problem sits.

I'm a bit more pragmatic than Sal; I think it's silly and therefore don't see the point in having two separate dA accounts. After all, my writing and his drawings are very closely interlinked. TINC's a great example of that. We feed off each other's creativity and inspire one another greatly. I love my brother's work, and I know he enjoys mine, too. So what's wrong with having the same dA account? Aren't we essentially the same person? But Sal won't even hear of it. I mention it at all, and he'll start to sulk. And part of me does recognize it as a bad idea. It's done Sal a lot of good to be apart from the rest of us.

Ninja: Thing is, tho', it's done th'rest of us a lotta bad.

Grizzly: Not all of us, Ninj', but I do see where you're going with this, so let me elaborate before you go off on this entry.

Our sleep pattern now? All wrong. Sal is naturally more creative at night; even he often jokes that his muse's name is Insomnia. So we've been sleeping at approximately four o'clock in the morning, every morning. The Dud calls us at 7:30, we go back to sleep around nine, wake up at noon to go walking with Dud, eat breakfast/lunch around 1PM, and are then sleep-deprived for the rest of the day, including work. Sal is dormant at UPS, for the most part, except for the past few weeks, he's been dA-obsessed even there. So Ninja's workday gets disrupted in two different ways: sleep deprivation makes him cranky, and no TYT after the Sort to unwind to. I miss the TYT too, and I don't get to hang out as much with my work buddy Art, because we're all exhausted and that just means Piojo dominates sometimes to get us through the workload. Piojo has no friends; he doesn't give a flying fuck about Art.

So some changes are good, but we need to work on the quirks of scheduling. Ho-hum.

God, I am so sleepy...

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