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09 October 2015 - 01:28

scared spoiled

"YOU'RE ALL BUTTS!!!!!!" Yowlie screams furiously from the depths of the Closet. I swear, that child is just a younger version of Ninja. Jack huddles in the shadows with his milk, unsure of whether his never-ending optimism is needed right now. (I'm afraid it's not. Jack tried to comfort Yowlie just a minute ago. It didn't go well.)

*sigh* I swear. All this over some cupcakes. "SHUT UP!!!!" he yells at me. Yowlie hates it when I narrate. Hot tears threaten to run down his furry little face, but he blinks them away, glaring at me. He's mad at himself because he actually whimpered (and big kids don't do that lame stuff), and he's mad at me for pointing it out. Damn, Piojo, can't you take him away already? But I think he already started to, or maybe Jack's milk is helping more than I thought, 'cause I feel that little animal's presense less now.

It's cold tonight in the Closet. We should sleep soon, but I need this anger to fade a bit first. Ninja and Yowlie both seem to be upset tonight. Because Yowlie is tantrum incarnate, and Ninja processes all that passionate rage radiating from the scrawny little twerp. I can't see my brother around, but I can feel him. His eyes are like hot coals, burning embers glowering red at me from somewhere. Violence, that's all he wants now. We're so tired.

01:49 Hrs. I think it's best we go to bed now. Yowlie has become a subdued grumpy mass of sniffles and sleepy glares. I gotta hand it to Jack - didn't think the bread would work. Lord knows Yowlie fought it the whole way though, screaming and howling. Ninja sat next to me after a while, somber, tired as hell. "Why are you angry?" I asked. My brother shook his head. "Nah, I's wasn't," he said, then went on to explain how he was just "activating" in order to absorb Yowlie's anger. How he helps the kid articulate in a way a child can't; Ninja gets angry in a way only an adult can, as he puts it, and helps focus Yowlie's anger so the kid can work through it, bring him back from the dark. Yowlie's still feral, still more beast than child. And like the wild thing he is, most things frighten him. He's insecure. So he snarls, lashes out, flattens down into the ground, like a little fox. He wants to run and hide into the shadows at the slightest provocation. It amazes me to see the progress he's made from the first time we noticed him watching us from the shadows of the Closet. Where did he come from? Where did any of us, for that matter. "Jack came from outer space!" the alien chimes in happily, gut full of milk. I wonder if we all come from that room full of caskets Sal saw long ago. Anyhow, M.B.'s subdued now, thanks to Jack, Ninja and Piojo. We need to go to work early in the morning. I'm off to sleep.

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