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11 June 2019 - 06:51


[HeadMusic today is Rox In The Box, by the Decemberists]

So there's this game we've been playing for a few months now, called Merge Dragons, that Sal and the kids really enjoy. It's bright, colorful, with a simple concept and cute graphics. The music is catchy, too, in a subtle sort of way that seldom gets annoying. So why am I typing up a seemingly glowing review here, of all places?

Well, they have these challenges that crop up every month or so, and since I'm ultra competitive, we enter the fray with zeal. Except this time, the challenge occurred over this weekend. We got pretty far along, but have been so stressed about everything that's going on, we forgot to collect any of our loot. Thing is, that would usually bother us, but this time, I feel strangely numb to everything. The fact that we still have HeadMusic means Piojo isn't fully running things, but it's good to know he's got a hand on the steering wheel. I couldn't do this on my own for much longer. We've kept the kids internalized rather tightly, though Jack still peeks out occasionally to mime hand gestures at our co-worker, Matt. He really likes Matthew. He reminds us of Kokoro-bo, with his skinny, lanky frame and messy hair.

Jack isn't really aware of what's going on with my sister's kids. I think it'd break his heart, and we couldn't bear that. I can see him bobbing his head along to the music, though it's more as though his entire frame bobs up and down to the accordion and beat. He likes this song because there's counting involved.

Aestrea system contacted us, letting us know that they're working on things through their end, trying to find help for Papo, though at this point, they're just trying to find a licensed therapist who understands multiplicity and might be able to explain the concept to the Dud so she quits freaking out. Their hope is that she'll be more receptive of a licensed professional. I hope they can accomplish something. I, on the other hand, want to talk to Nacho about this. Not only is he my best Outsider friend, but he's got experience with the whole "voices in his head" thing, and though I'm not sure he's plural (he considers the voices he hears as external forces intruding on his mindscape, and does his best to ignore them or drown them out), he does have experience with counseling and therapists. He might know of one who deals with multiplicity. He also mentioned to me last year that his teenage daughter, Tula, went to him because she was starting to hear voices, too. He had an appropriate fatherly reaction, showing concern, but also reassuring her that it was something that ran in their family, and she was not a freak. He offered to get her some counseling if she needed it. See, how the fuck is that so hard? My sister is such a dumbass. Anyhow, let me send him a quick text. He should either already be at work, or be on his way.

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