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26 November 2021 - 14:18

blip in the signal

Whew, lemme tell you... I really like putting Maul through the wringer!

NINJA: No shit.

GRIZZLY: I mean... the feels...! Am I the only one getting the feels about this story? That whole scene that flashed through my mind just now, with Icarus all old and shit, then dying in Maul's arms?

"I have already buried so many brothers, Lady Tano. Now so too, goes the last of them. And I am left alone. Always, I end up alone...!"

The Togruta crouched down beside him, placed a hand gently on his shoulder and squeezed. Maul bowed his head and didn't bother to stop the flow of tears. What did pride matter anymore? He felt the former Jedi nestle up close beside him, the warmth of her aura wrapping around his misery. "Not anymore," she whispered.


GRIZZLY: Okay, so I was only adding that there for posterity's sake. Now I need to get back to Broken Bonds so I can hit my daily quota.

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