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21 December 2013 - 02:47

skin grease

The wind is howling outside, and I feel so filthy, I can't sleep. Work is hell. I hate work. Ninja diggs it, but Whatserfatface is working tomorrow also. *sigh* I dunno. I always thought I didn't give a shit about anything regarding that one, but I guess I'm still prone to jealousy. I don't want anyone to like her. I even hate her, I think, but maybe that's just me Sandra-Auroring with Ninja and Polla. Sandra-Auroring. What a stupid term. Auring would make a better term, I think (now that's just Grizzler talking).

I need to shower. Gah, I'm so sleepy. Mom's snoring loudly, the wind can't drown her out. There's that pulsing in our brain that comes from thinking too much. *goan* Oh, put it down, put it down! Put us down, go to sleep.

Everything smells like cat piss in here.

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