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26 July 2004 - 11:45

just updatin' this shit

NINJA: Crap.

SVL: What is it?

NINJA: Nuthin'. Just felt like sayin' that.

SVL: Why?

NINJA: Just becuz.

GRIZZLY: We should get going. We've been here all morning. And we need to eat and get ready for work.

SVL: Ugh.

YANG: Tell me about it.

SVL: Work sucks!

NINJA: Yup. Crap. That's what it is. Can't believe we've lasted this long there. I woulda thought we woulda gotten fired or quit by now.

BB: We can't quit! We need the money! Especially now that Patrick is sick!

NINJA: Patrick ain't sick, dawg. He got hit by a car. And he seems to be fine now to me.

YANG: Yeah, but we do need the money.

SVL: That doesn't stop the job from sucking.

GRIZZLY: Diddo. But we've really got to get going.

*Clan sits around, not really trying to get a move on*


*Clan mumble and pull ourself away from the computer*

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