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23 October 2006 - 02:13

nightly spewing

I know, I know... it's late. Again. Shouldn't be updating this shit, we should be sleeping. *nod, nod*

Well, tough shit, dawg. I ain't sleepy.

He may not be, but the rest of us are! Most of us are, anyway. We just can't quite turn in for the night yet. We have to wait for our hair to dry a bit (we just got outta the shower), and for the rest of us to get more comfortable in Jack's diaper.

This Friday was Angel's birthday, and we had cake. Ice cream cake, just a slice please. Actually, we woulda eaten more, but, meh. Anyway, Alexis must've finished the rest by now. Oh, yeah, 'cause, Alexis's back, the fucker. Which is probably the main reason why we've been extremely active lately. Svl insists on venting our emotions with crude drawings full of violence and wrath. Ninja, a'course, wants to actually vent those feelings of violence and wrath physically. On people. Specific people.

Anyhow, I digress, I digress. Fucker keeps making images of the movie Seven play in my head. Scenes that were never actually filmed, y'know, like I get to see that dude actually rape the whore with a blade. *shudders* Damn Ninja's imagination.

More like fantasies. *shudders some more*

I don't know what today's gonna be like, be it at home or at work. Ruben's not gonna be there today 'cause it's his birthday. Art's gonna be in charge of us so that's good. What's not so good is that damn schedule we got to follow now. It all makes me kinda nauseous, really. But hell, at least I get to be with Mar�a. The ick part will be the rest of the week, where I get stuck with whatserface and Ramon. Bleh! (Seriously, I'm getting nauseous, what the fuck?)

Okay, I think I'll stop now. Hair's dry enough, fuck it, and I can live with Jack's damn diaper. ("Yay!" says the Jack.) Time to hit the Pat! (Sorry, lame, lame inside joke that only Grizzly gets. The rest of us groan and go off to bed.--Except Piojo, duh. He never sleeps, haven't I said that? Jeez, people, get it through your damn heads!)

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