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19 November 2021 - 02:20

spewing until it unsticks

Ah, I don't know if I'm going to keep going with the NaNoWriMo thing. I mean, of course I want to, but I feel as though the story I picked to write is going nowhere. That's probably because I honestly have no idea where the plot is headed towards. Past the basic concept, past Chapter 1, I got nothing.

Hm, maybe I should start at the ending and work backwards from there. To begin with (or end with, whatever), I know that it will end in tragedy. Feral will fail, Maul will continue enslaved blindly to Sidious, and Savage will continue to be traumatized by it all. We know that from the Clone Wars. But since this story is mainly from Feral's POV, maybe I should focus on how he comes of age, in a sense. How he finds his strength, and never loses hope.

We know he dies. Of course he does.

Hm... at what point in time should the story end? With his death? Before. Perhaps when Ventress enters the village, and he sees her for the first time. And what about Maul? Where does his version of events end? The destruction of Orsis? No, when Icarus leaves the academy.

Okay, okay, well... who are my main characters? In Feral's half of the story, it's him and Savage, Viscus, the spiders, couple of Nightbrothers. Talzin is mentioned, but nothing more. On Maul's end: Sidious, Maul, Icarus, Kilindi, Daleen. Other students, but they're the main ones. The bond between Maul and Feral has to end before Maul graduates and kills everyone on his master's orders. Ooo, maybe he comes to think that Feral is a hallucination caused by Talzin and the Nightsisters. He believes they're trying to trick him by creating a boy that looks like him. So he will believe their stories that he is one of them, and that those tattoos are not Sith markings.

I know I wanna cover how he got that earring. I think it'd be cool if it's something he, Kilindi, Daleen and Icarus do together, because it's something traditional on Iridonia, and Icarus is trying to teach something of Zabrak culture to the young Maul. Also, we need to establish that Maul has no name during this time. He's a nameless tool. Icarus calls him Shortstop. Kilindi calls him Small. Daleen... calls him Handsome. She's got a crush on him. Maul has one on Kilindi, but Kilindi and Icarus are a thing, and he respects them both, so he swallows his feelings. In his dreams, Feral calls him Brother.

The question is: does Sidious know about Feral communing with Maul through the Force? I wanna say he suspects it, but is actually blocked from knowing for sure due to Feral's own innate power. I want it to be established that although Feral has no true telekinetic abilities in the Force, he is a Seer, like old Daka.

03:47 Hrs. Crap, it's late. I'll finish this later.

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