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19 June 2007 - 00:41


There is a lurking danger in the Closet. I can sense it, but try as I might, I don't see it. It refuses to manifest itself except in the darkest of voices that disguises itself so I can't pinpoint where it came from. At times it contains Ninja's supressed anger but sounds like Yang except there's a cold sneer to it like I haven't heard in anyone except Piojo. Whenever I hear that voice, I always get the impression that it's grinning. It's making all of us very tense, especially Ninja and Yang, who recognize themselves in the voice but can't claim it as their own. Thing is, they're so confused they're not even sure it isn't either one of them. Or both. Or both with Piojo. Maybe they're all Sandra-Auroring. The voice always says really ugly things that I won't repeat here because it scares me to remember and it scares the little ones. MB is really tense about this. And the last thing we want is for him to get out of control. It took us long enough as it is to get him to trust us. If he goes berzerk, I'm not sure we'll be able to control him.

Unsurprisingly enough, Piojo's the only one who seems unphased by this turn of events. We therefore press him for answers, because if he's so cool about it, he must know what this voice is, right? [Piojo: The Devil.]

What did you just say?!

It's nothing. You're so gullible.

I hate that he does this. I just wish it would all stop. Even if it were the Devil, I wish he'd just manifest, state what he wants and then get the fuck out! [Piojo: Memory cannot manifest.]

Memory? Is that all it is? Are you sure.

Do not question me. In due time, it will pass. It always does.

I don't remember this ever happening before.

Of course you wouldn't. You are always too distracted to face it.

So... it's not a new brother in here? It's not someone we've been ignoring all these years who's finally decided to join us? 'Cause if it is... well, he sounds kinda dangerous. I don't think I like him very much.

Not everyone likes you. But no, it is not one of us. It can become so, if any of us dwell on it so much that you give it essence.

Wait. I don't get it. I thought all of us were always here.

People can give birth to things.

I know that, but...

And not just in the physical sense, as a parent giving birth to offspring. Human minds can also manifest great amounts of energy to form poltergeists, or they become telekenetic. It is more so likely here, because the reality we live in is not considered physical.

So you're saying that we've got a friggin' poltergeist in our Closet?! Get the fuck out!

I fondly call it the 'Spook.'


*sigh* Gullible again. That was sarcasm. And I suggest you not name the voice. It will gain more essense that way. More life. Listen to what it is truly saying, and who the voice belongs to. Of course it is going to sound like me, like your brothers, because it is us three, in a sense. It is their base, hidden emotions. Feelings they might not even realize they have.

You have base, hidden emotions?

Did I state that was my case? I thought not. But whatever emotions any of you experience must filter through me to get to the Outside. Therefore I am part of their base, hidden emotions. I dwell inside them. And inside you too, my dear, if I may add.

Eeek! So you...

Know when you are in heat? Yes, female, I do. In fact, I feel what you feel. As does the Prophet.

Ohmegee! How embarassing!

It means nothing to me. I merely filter the emotions on a physical level. The Prophet filters them on the spiritual.

This conversation is getting creepy.

For you, perhaps. I am not capable of that emotion.

Which makes it all the creepier.

You will be able to sleep now. I suggest you do so, if you wish to awaken early in the morrow.

You talk so weird!

Point taken. Now begone.

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