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11 May 2020 - 13:20

shut up and work

GRIZZLY: I've been on a Star Wars fanfic binge lately. Specifically, Maulsoka fanfiction. Yeah, I'm not even sorry.

*Xvl laughs*

Seriously, Grizz, you have a problem.

NINJA: That's McDonald's!

*Xvl and Ninja laugh*

GRIZZLY: Like I said, not sorry. I must add, though, I'm a much better writer than the stuff I've read so far.

XVL: Christ, of course you're comparing.

NINJA: When is the goddamn volume gettin' here already?

XVL: *shrugs* At least the music's good.

NINJA: 'M hungry, too, dawg. If the stupid shit weren't gon' get here 'til later, why'd they make us come in? We's didn' even eat breakfast, yo.

GRIZZLY: We had a banana, now shut up and make stickers.

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