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08 February 2005 - 02:21

in the still of the knight

Aw man. What the fuck are we still doing up? We should be asleep, man. We should be sleepy already, but we aren't. I mean, we already ate and showered. After this, sleepiness usually sinks in. I feel like such a vampire. But I guess I don't wanna sleep because I just don't wanna go into that damn closet and face my monsters all over again. Damn. I'm so weak without Piojo. Thing is, he's waiting for me in there too, that's what scares me. I mean, what would we do if he someday falls? Just crumples over and dies or something? I mean, a guy can only take so much. And I hate being so dependent on him. Makes me feel like I'm a little kid, and I can't let go of his hand. He's my protector. He protects all of us. And the other day we told mom that we loved Piojo, even though we knew he didn't love us. And who said that back then? I think it was BB. Or Gis. Mom said we were wrong, that Piojo did love us, that he wouldn't take care of us if he didn't. And we thought it over for a while, and it almost made me smile... until it hit me: If Piojo were to love us, ever, any of us, that would make him human. And if he's human, he can fall, just like any one of us. And if he can fall, he will one day die. And that wiped the smile that was starting to form on our face like that, believe me. It scared the shit out of us! I mean, is that all he is then, just a man? Nothing more? And we've suspected it for a while now, too. I guess that's why he never wanted to take off that damn quilt of his, didn't want us to see his face, his being. But we had to go around poking our noses where they didn't belong, and now I'm scared as shit to where I don't even feel safe in the damn Closet anymore.
*Piojo steps out of the shadows of the Closet and approaches Yang*
PIOJO: Ya todos estan dormidos. Go to sleep now, and stop questioning me. I know that is what you're doing.
YANG: I just... can't ever figure you out, man. Man?
PIOJO: Man. No, not at all. Worse. If I were a man, and I had to face what I face everyday, I would have died ten years ago. No. I am not a man. I will not fall. Go in, go to sleep. I need to keep these demons at bay. They're there, out there, waiting. They won't leave soon because they can smell you. And I won't have them take the Prophet now because of your fear. Vete a dormir.
YANG: *sigh* Fine. But... I'm trusting you on this, you know that, right?
PIOJO: I know.
*Piojo kisses Yang on the forehead; his lips are dead. Drained, Yang embraces Piojo briefly before stumbling inside, out of sight. Now, I must watch.*

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