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14 March 2008 - 20:13

the groove

I am in a very fuckin' good mood t'day, dawg. Very fuckin' good. Even though I look down at these nails an' know they ain't mine.

Ninja's very dominant today. Maybe because the weather was hot? As hot as it usually gets here in the valley. Hottest temp's in the hundred's. I don't know what it was, but in any case, as soon as we got onto the warehouse grounds, everything outside myself seemed to fade, and it was suddenly a very bright day, and the hot rays of the sun were suddenly welcome on our skin instead of annoying. Everyone around us was complaining of the sudden heat wave, except us, of course. Suddenly, I wanted to run, to live, to... FIGHT! *grins* Yeah, just run around the beach beating the crap out of people. That's how we knew Ninja was in the house. And he's still here, for the most part, although he's growing tired from all the rushing he's been doing about all day. He laughed loud, ate much, yelled. God, did he YELL! Good naturadly, of course, and Jack was delighted. We had (and still have) a sudden craving for water, dawg, just water, no carbonated crap, no lemonade. Just drink water, drive on. It was fun. I had a fun day at work. And believe me, those are rare enough to come by. I had forgotten this was Ninja's job, after all, and he loves UPS. Gotta let the guy out more often, it seems, but I have a feeling he will let himself out, like he always does. He loves the summer (I do, I do), because it's hot-blooded, like he is. And despite the early-morning rub-in we had with Mom today, it too has faded out of my blood, and I wanna do something special for her now. Like buy her some roses or something. God, I love that lady. She's fun.

For now, Ninja wants us to set our alarm for seven in the morning so we can go jogging with Shai before the sun really comes up to smack us in the face. If he's still dominant tomorrow, we'll definately go. Which I doubt, so we'll probably just sleep in again. *grin*

"BYE, GRIS!" Juan had yelled at us as he saw us walking towards the main building. Ninja grinned and hollared right back: "PEACE, YO!"

So yeah. Peace, yo.

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