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09 July 2014 - 22:20


I'm tired. My heart's pounding in my head again, goosepimples threatening to overrun my limbs as my old neck creaks like a wicker rocking chair.

Today was my first day of school.

Ruben pretty much yelled it out in front of Whatserface, so now she knows. Fuck. It made me so annoyed; I don't know why. Well, yeah, I know why. Ninja doesn't like dat bitch, yo. I didn't want her to know because he didn't want her to know. I guess since BB dominated at school along with Grizz, Ninja completely took over the night shift. I notice that Art keeps his distance when we're Ninja. Can't say I blame the guy, can't say I even care. Ninja don't give a fuck. During break, when we sat down next to each other, I looked out over at the gorgeous sky and tried to be Svl. I couldn't do it. Poor Svl was probably sleeping; we're so goddamn tired. I mean, I knew the clouds were pretty, but I couldn't form the words to express what I wanted to say, because I'm apathetic to clouds n' shit. I mean, who the fuck talks 'bout fuckin' clouds, 'nyway? Well, Svl an' Art do, 'pparantly, but Svl was gone somewhere, an' I couldn' reach his lazy ass t'come out n' talk wit' his friend. BB was silent, too. But tha's b'cause I's pushed her back a little bit. Not that she needed much pushin'. We all be tired, dawg.

So yeah, it was Art and Ninja together during break today, and I could tell that Art was uncomfortable. He's not used to the deeper pitch, the strange accent that's somewhere between thug and pirate. Maybe he thought we were faking it. Again, Ninja didn't care. And Ninja wouldn't look Art in the eye, because Ninja doesn't really like Art to begin with. He only sat with him out of obligation. 23:09 My brain is swimming in its skull fluids now. I still have my HAZMAT department to respond to before I can call it a night. A very short night. I wonder how Mom's little nighthawk is doing. I hope it's still alive, and that she was able to get it to take some water and bugs. Why is my mind wandering to this now? Shit, I still gotta get home and study for tomorrow morning's class.

School. It's gonna kill me.

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