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22 February 2005 - 17:10

a real trooper

Ok, so we went to gas up Palomo just now. There was a state trooper in line behind me when I went to pay. We went over our usual twenty bucks by one. So as we stood there, mindin' our own shit, we hear some guy (all ass-licker an' shit) in line tell the trooper: "Oh, I'll let you go first." The state trooper chuckled half-heartedly. Like, 'who gives a shit?' We sure didn't. I wasn't about to let the guy go first just 'cause he's a cop. The annoying thing was that then the ass-licker tapped the guy in front of us on the shoulder. The guy ignored him, and we were satisfied. Thing is, then the guy tapps me on the shoulder. We do turn around, and this guy says, rather enthusiastically, might we add, "Let him go first!" pointing excitedly to the state trooper behind me. "That's okay," the trooper says. "Are you sure?!" the ass-licker asks with honest concern. 'Dude!' thought Svl. 'It's just a guy in a tacky khaki suit!' [Jack laughed because it rhymed.] 'We're jus' gon' gas up, dawg,' Ninja added. Then we blew them both off and turned to the chic on the register. "21 on number two," Yang Black said in that quiet way of his. "It's the one with the white car." The girl thanked us as we walked out the door. Jeez, was that too much to wait for? We spent more time in line! But I guess the ass-licker just hadn't ever seen a state trooper in his whole damn life and wanted to make a good impression. That happened just now, less than fifteen minutes ago, and we just had to come write it down, because that ass-licker guy was mildly amusing to us, but irritating as shit at the same time. [Imagine how to trooper felt!]

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