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25 August 2018 - 00:50

Won't you please?

We got home from work and Mom was already sleeping. We bid her good night and then set about making ourself dinner. Yowlie was being picky, as usual, and refused pretty much any suggestion made. We decided to let Jack pick the food, since he and Ninja eat basically anything, and I was surprised at how practical that squid can be. He made us three small potatoes in the microwave will butter and shredded cheese, and nine chicken nuggets with pineapple barbeque sauce. Then he sat down and ate while watching an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. It was the episode about a bubble opera. Yowlie didn't even peep during the entire meal, and we were even able to swallow our night time pills on the first gulp. Jack is very proud of ourself. We let him have chocolate milk as a prize, but he hasn't had it yet. He seems pretty cozy and content just laying curled up in bed. I can tell he is very pleased with himself.

The best part, though, was what Mr. Rogers said at the end of the show. He said:
"The you that lives inside the you that people see is a very special person."
I had to rewind the episode and listen to his words again just to make sure we heard right. Then again. The kids were fascinated! The rest of us were awestruck. It's as though he were speaking directly to us!

"MR. ROGERS CAN SEE US!" Jack shouts at me, happily. He can't though; he's dead. "MR. ROGERS IS NOT DEAD! HE LIVES IN THE TEEVEE!!!" *sigh* No, Jack, he doesn't. That's a recording. A really old one, at that. "Mr. Rogers is still not dead!" He protests loudly, but at least he's not yelling anymore. "Cenk Uygur said people stay alive in other people's memories! Jack has a good memory, so Mr. Rogers can stay and live with Jack right here!" He points to his top, where I suppose his brain would be. (Xvl: Wait, we live in our brain, or in between the electrical impulses of our neurons, so do any of us technically have a brain? Like, a brain within a brain?) Dude, shut up. Don't get me derailed.

Anyhow, Mr. Rogers made me happy. He makes all of us happy, even the most cynical ones, like me and Ninja. Well, Piojo never really gets happy, but at least he has nothing negative to say about Mr. Rogers. I think we'll get some shut eye now. We have a union meeting early tomorrow morning, and we still need to shower.

I realize my syntax seems a bit off. That's because I'm actually quasi-fused with Jack. It's more like I'm channeling his inner dialogue so he can express himself better. He really wants to get the point across that he is helpful and is having a good time.

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