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02 February 2019 - 23:15

planning for the unplannable

GRIZZLY: Our gums are really bothering us. We've never been good with oral hygiene. Polla does her best. We made an appointment with the dentist for Valentine's Day, and we're all dreading it. I hate dentists. I'm not sure phobia is the right word, but we're definitely weary, to say the least. MB volunteered to go, but I think he's going to back out at the last minute.

MB: ¡A'que no!

GRIZZLY: I'm not even sure it's a good idea for him to go, even if I don't think he'd balk. He's too skittish, and might bite.

MB: Güey, ¡aquí 'stoy! ¡Este ruko!

GRIZZLY: We gotta keep that kid off YouTube, seriously. Too much 'Otro Rollo' already.

BB: Mom likes it. I think it's sweet that it's something they can do together. And at least he's talking more.

GRIZZLY: Whatever. Point is, for now, we still gotta suffer. Hopefully in the nearly two weeks we have before the appointment, this painful swelling will go down.

JACK: There was pus coming out of the mouth! But Jack couldn't taste it!

XVL: Yeah, thankfully.

YANG: Did we really just convene to talk about the dentist?

GRIZZLY: Not necessarily. I just feel we haven't done this in a while. Y'know, just sit and talk.

XVL: What's there to talk about?

GRIZZLY: I dunno, the dentist. *laugh*

POLLA: We're not even all here. Where's Ninja?

NINJA: I's is here, bitch. 'M jus' tired. Don't wanna talk. Piss off, Grizzler.

GRIZZLY: *shrugs* Fair enough. We don't all need to chime in. I get it. You're just cranky 'cause you know you'll probably be the one who ends up dealing with the dentist appointment.

*Ninja grumbles*

POLLA: Well, BB and I can deal with the actual interaction with the dentist, if you want, can't we, B?

BB: I guess so... but I won't like it.

MB: I can do it, pendejos! I already told you!

YANG: Seriously, kid, language. I'll get Piojo.

GRIZZLY: Look, Yowlie, I get that you're trying to help, and that you think you can do it alone, since you're a big kid, but things will get bloody, and painful, and adults will probably become really upset at us, since we've let so much time go by without a cleaning. It's not that I think you can't handle pain, or being scolded, I just don't want that for you, especially since this entire situation is something we adults should have handled a long time ago. We're not Rúle. We're not going to let kids take the fall for us.

MB: *sniffling* Si Miguel tenía miedo, yo no.

BB reaches over and puts her arm around Yowlie, but he shrugs her away. He still doesn't like showing vulnerability. He's shaking under all that fur, though.

GRIZZLY: *sigh* I don't think we can really plan for this anyway, even if we want to. Chances are, it's going to depend a lot on how our body's feeling that'll determine who's up front. I'll probably be there, and I'm hoping Piojo will, too. At least for the procedure part. I get the impression he'll enjoy the taste of blood in our mouth.

YANG: And there will be blood. Lots of it.

XVL: Oh, joy.

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