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08 June 2010 - 17:13


The Dud took us off her favorites list. Probably 'cause we don't update this thing very often. As the years've gone by, I've noticed ourself leaving this writing trend behind. 'Cause it's not just this online diary-thing that we had goin'. We also used to write on our spare time. In little notebooks, in big notebooks. Just scribble every little fuckin' thing that'd happen to us. It kept us sane. Drove us insane.

Too much writing made us think too damn much. T'be honest, I don't really think of myself as being multiple anymore. Not that we ain't - don't get me wrong. Jus' that we don' focus on it anymore. I mean, we know we be what we be, an' tha's a'ight. We's jus' don' stop n' think 'bout it 24/7 like we used to. Now it don't really matter who be dominant n' who ain't (gawd, these pants really stink - gotta wash 'em. Smell like rotten coffee). We jus' be. An' tha's a'ight.

Guess tha's why we haven't really updated this shit too much. Bein' an auntcle, workin' and livin' with the Dud again all takes up a shitload a time. Too much time to think. Too much time to write. Maybe we're evolving. *shruggs* I mean, we always were pretty flexible with the whole integration thing.

Anywho's. We's gotta be gettin' to work.

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